Keeping Squadrons Going with Coronavirus (Technology)

Just a thought.

Surely we can do some things using technology and continue to work with cadets in some form or another. We use technology on and off and we have MS Teams in office 365 which has guest mode for those without RAFAC O365 accounts.

They are also loads of free alternatives at the moment from the likes of Google, Microsoft, WebEx, etc.

Just my thoughts but I don’t see how a “pause” could be a problem if we use technology to keep people engaged.

I know we can’t do sport, field craft etc but we can still keep done things going. I keep in mind that to some cadets, their squadron is their time with friends and ‘them’ time.

I shall now stand back and await the tirade of comments and thoughts. :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Addendum: Surely we can come up with something that supports ACP4 etc and makes this possible rather than ruling it out without further consideration.

Flexibility and changes to basic parade nights would obviously need applying, but in the short term surely this could be a positive approach.

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You could suggest that they take the time they would be at squadron to do:
Ultilearn tests
Bronze Duke of York
The OU course for silver cyber
Update eDofE
Do some a/c modelling with a prize to be awarded to the best one on return to the unit.

There must be some software out there to allow a virtual class on classification topics?


I have legitimately thought about just knocking off the years worth of classification training over skype or go to meetings where I can share my desktpp


Exactly, then the summer can be used for the ‘fun’ stuff because they will be classificationed out for the year.

The logistics and actual technical approach is easy to implement, that would reward cadets, and free up time later in the summer. Surely a positive for all - crack out the greens.

Since they are open book exams they could always self study with a deadline :wink::wink:


Depends on the definition, but more difficult to control remotely admittedly. :grin:

As long as a cadet can demonstrate the knowledge should they need it for a course or another program then whoop whoop.

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That’s largely how it’s done in CCF, especially for Advanced training. If they want to go on and do the BTEC/Master then my lot have to do all self study

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I know it’s my career, but I deliver sessions remotely through MS Teams and WebEx quite regularly. Easier now than it used to be.

We have a training platform which I implemented and it supports that. Moodle. Our engagement with classification had increased, as has or progression of cadets.

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I don’t suppose there’s any way to share that?

Seeing this would be awesome

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I’m more than happy, I can add as many users as required. Let me check with my OC and the wing TO today. I’m all for sharing good practice and working together for the benefits of the cadets.


I’d definitely be interested in seeing that if possible.

Can I add a ditto please!

Yes please!

Do we? On all three of my accounts I still get ‘Your licence doesn’t include access to Microsoft Teams’.

We are planning to use it if our school is closed, though.

I’m a farmer and a luddite. Any solution needs to work to the lowest common denominator. Awesome for those who are in the game… but we’re not all players.

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Don’t think we do either. Below is the complete list provided on the Microsoft Office Home.

We’ve used it, try the Skype that is active too; although it’s been a couple of months since I used it.

Free MS Teams account

Let me know how it goes. There are alternatives from Google and Cisco WebEx too. They all offer the same facilities.