JNCO Promotion Letter

This Topic has probably been posted many a time before but I would like my own little thread to back to if needs be.

JNCO places have opened up and a requirement is that we need to write a letter to them.
I have a general idea of what to include but I was wanting a bit more advice from others around the globe.

What topics should I discuss and what should my paragraphs be based on?

The other factors I feel don’t matter as I’ve been a cadet for 2 and a half years now and one of the more senior. I’m a role model for the more junior cadets and I know them very well. Attendance is good and I have completed a JNCO course not too long ago.

One more thing. I feel like I’m too cocky. How can I Combat it and not let it show?

If you were writing to me, I’d be looking for you to understand the role of service - i.e. as a leader, you are there to make things better for those under you. That means working to make training interesting, to encourage a happy, secure environment (and yes, the latter can involve disciplining those who are not encouraging that happy, secure environment).

I’d write about your experiences as a cadet so far, qualification’s you’ve gained and would like to gain, and most importantly, why are YOU applying for promotion? Your staff may find it useful to know what makes you tick when assessing your suitability for a JNCO role.

Have a clear paragraph explaining your strengths and weaknesses (and what actions you plan to take in order to self-improve). Saying you have weaknesses is absolutely fine (unless it’s something extreme!), and it sounds a lot better to explain how you plan to fix them, rather than simply stating a long list of strengths. If you’re struggling with your strengths/weaknesses, speak to another cadet about it.

Regarding the ‘cocky’ side of things, perhaps read a draft of your letter to a fellow cadet or someone you trust, but a bit of self-confidence is never a bad thing!
Finally, I presume that you will have some sort of interview or meeting after applying, so anything you forget in your letter can always be mentioned then.

Best of luck!

Some useful threads:

Also, look up ACP 48, the JNCO course notes, if you’re unsure of what you’re aiming for in the role.

Remember, the difference between confidence and arrogance is largely down to humility.

Be confident in your own ability, but be respectful of others’ abilities and always be receptive to advice (especially - but not exclusively - from those with a lot more experience) and you should be fine on the cockiness front.

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