Jetboil / windproof stoves


Hi everyone.

Looking for advice - does anyone use a Jetboil or similar? How reliable and durable are they? If a Jetboil which model did you go for?

Is the simmer feature on the more expensive ones get used often?

Planning on purchase for Xmas, to heat up ration packs and make coffee on the go…


Been using JetBoils since just before they got popular. They are brilliant for what you’ve outlined IE brew and ration packs. For anything more you really need a simmer ring. It’s not impossible to cook properly on them - it’s just faffy and burny.

However, I’ve also trialled the Alpkit Brukit and Highlander versions (which are about £35 rather than the cheapest JetBoil at £65ish now!). I prefer the Brukit over the Highlander and JetBoil - it’s slightly wider making cleaning inside easier.

The downside? None of these stoves are “windproof” as such. They are all more effective with a windscreen around them. MSR do one called the Windburner - it’s £100+ for similar results in standard conditions - but excels against them when the wind gets up. I’ve not even dabbled with it as I’ve not got cash to burn, nor the inclination to trial it for marginal gain in the conditions i work in.

I use my alpkit one pretty regularly on a range of stuff and it’s been great at knocking at brews in a jiffy. I’ve also been using it to trial freezer bag cooking with great success- anything to avoid a mucky pan!


I have the MSR Windburner and it’s fantastic, but I do need one for use in very windy conditions.

Most of the time a standard Jetboil or the Brukit will be fine.


I’d echo @Batfink - and add that you can buy (or even make yourself) a windshield make of heavy aluminium foil.

The issue/wayfarer meal pouches work fine in the Alpkit jobbies - though I’ve got the larger one, (wolf/jackal?).

If you’ve a question about them, ask on the Alpkit website - they are very switched on and very helpful.


Had the same (basic) jetboil since IOT days 10+ years ago. Still going strong.


Freezer bag cooking is for winners!


I’m still on the original jetboil that I bought years ago. Has never let me down.


I had a Jetboil which eventually exploded (long story) some years ago. Replaced it with an MSR Reactor, which is a lovely thing.