Issues with Flying Scholarship Applications

Is there any reason they still require handwritten applications and in-person interviews in London? All I can see this will do is exclude people, particularly those who can’t afford a weekend in London.


Not a fan of the handwritten either.

Like it or not, lot of pre-judgement can happen if you’ve got scruffy doctor handwriting.

And even if there is absolutely no bias whatsoever… Then just let it be typed in Calibri size 12 as there’s no longer any benefit to hand writing it!

To be honest having re-read the ad it’s almost laughable. I can never work out how to stitch PDFs together and I’m nearly 30 and work with very technical bits of kit. Don’t have my own printer/scanner either, why would I? Hate to say it but this a sure fire way of filtering out some of the more disadvantaged. We’re not in 1952 applying to a boarding school…!

Edit to add: I’d missed the London interview bit. That’s a massive middle finger to any kids from a deprived background in Scotland. They’d need a scholarship to be able to apply to the scholarship…

And I dread to think what happens if you’ve got dyslexia… :person_facepalming:

10/10 for idea, 4/10 for execution.


Give this a go - Merge PDF files online. Free service to merge PDF

For the low cost of only £5.49/month :upside_down_face:

According to the App Store, presumably it’s watermarked etc otherwise.

Fantastic to see something worthy of the title ‘Flying Scholarship’

As others have said though maybe consider a little modernisation to make it more accessible for all. I get you may not want to go digital for the inerviews, we’ve all been on those teams meetings that take 20 mins or more to get the sound issues sorted but that being said whats to stop you considering maybe regional venues to widen it a little?


Don’t worry, the UK has widely available, reliable and good value rail which the kids can use to get to London. Those in Scotland will only need £3/400 to get the return rail fare, hotel, taxis etc. bargain!

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@Rexan @Canoe_crazy @Cadet04

Thanks for your feedback - it has been fed up to the Scholarship team.

We also believe things need updating, perhaps your (constructive) comments can help bring these changes through.


It would be much better to have online interviews with more people than currently attend them in London. And then from those, select some finalists and pay for their expenses to come to London and do an in person one (if that is really needed!)

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Oh! I use this probably monthly for about 6 years and never paid a dime!

That’s great to hear. I know I was a bit facetious, but that’s what the internet is for :smile:

Really appreciate you reaching out here and taking the comments back!

‘Applications received as single page documents, not saved correctly, including the cover page, as photographs, or in any other form will be disregarded.’

The fact they require hand written applications and scanned and in-person interviews + the above gives me the impression they’re pompous so and sos…

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I can sort of understand that. There will be a massive number of applicants. Asking for them to be sent in a single document, titled in a standard format seems completely reasonable to help manage the applications.

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  • Can you really get the same impression from someone in a zoom interview? I’ve always wondered this when it came to job interviews. Personally id still prefer to meet a candidate in person.

Coming down to London, IIRC the people running these scholarships are volunteers, so thats why is confined to a select few days, but if you’re potentially going to be awarded a scholarship worth 12-15k, you got to show a bit of motivation to dress up smart and make a notable impression.

  • Handwriting, it’s a lost art, whats wrong with asking someone to put a bit of extra effort to use their best handwriting. Too often i can barely read my students PLOGS for their Navigation exercises.

Sending in the application as a single PDF, its not hard, it’s certainly the same for many airline job interviews. The last 3 pages of your logbook, your medical (front and back), your license (front and back).

There are enough apps (Microsoft Lens/Scannable) that can turn your phone into a scanner.

Its just a way of seeing if candidates can read instructions, much like us expecting cadets to read the criteria (age for example) for events on CP. If you can’t follow simple instructions, should you be awarded a 12-15k scholarship?

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Don’t need to use a paid app (see my above post)… also numerous options online

We moved to online interviews at work over teams as it’s a lot more suitable for volunteers.

You do still get a good impression & I would argue more so.

This is because the candidate is in a more relaxed environment & is more comfortable.

You can still get a good insight as there is more onus on the candidate to prepare their interview location and there is still the need to dress smartly & professionally.

There’s no reason why you can have the initial interviews over teams & then a second assessment face to face.


People with dyslexia or a disability (that won’t necessarily prevent them flying) will struggle. What about foreign applicants - many countries have different styles of handwriting than the UK. It can open the door to unconscious bias creeping in.


If you’re an 18 year old in college in the North of Scotland you’ll need two days away from class, minimum, maybe three for the whole event.

Getting to London will mean flying or a train. Could live hours from an airport. Will need hundreds of pounds when you add in hotel, food etc.

Find me a kid who’s one of 5 in a council estate in Dundee who will be able to apply for this? Not a chance.

Well off kid who’s been to private school, parents in Chelsea and handwriting that would make Picasso jealous? They’ll be just fine.

It’s adding needless barriers, likely because it’s just always been that way. Traditions don’t always equal best practice.

And how is the dyslexic, dyspraxia diagnosed, mobility restricted, etc, candidate going to apply? They’ve now got to needlessly write a three page (!) letter and submit it. I’d be amazed if there is a single job in the last decade that had such a bizarre requirement. Online form, simple, easy, more environmentally sustainable. And above all else, equal.

The irony I can see, at the moment, is that the strongest candidates will be those with the least need for a scholarship…

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I take umbrage at this, again you’re potentially going to be awarded a 12-15k scholarship.

Candidates have over a month to submit their applications, so first and foremost they shouldn’t rush it. They can get a parent/CFAV to check what they want to write make sure there aren’t any grammatical or spelling errors, then spend 2 weeks maybe doing a few words at a time.

A candidate has to put the work in to show that they’re deserving of such a large investment, or to put it another way, show the commitment towards putting forward their best application similar to the amount of work they’ll need to putting into their ground school.

Otherwise what’s to stop them copy and pasting stock answers between scholarship applications. Im sure they’re not looking for cursive handwriting, but as long as it’s legible.


I do agree with what you’re saying in principle, but as someone who’s handwriting is pretty terrible, I do think a typed up version should be accepted!


Its cos its their trainset innit.

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