Is this a good promotion to corporal application letter?

I have the opportunity to be promoted to corporal if I give my CO the letter tomorrow. Can you think of anything to add, please be harsh, I want this to be the best letter possible.

Plt Off. ,
___ (
____) Squadron


As an aspiring member of ___Squadron with an enthusiastic attitude towards the ATC, I am eager to embrace the responsibility of being promoted to corporal. During my brief time with the Air Training Corps, I have taken every opportunity available to me. I believe that my leadership experience, and dedication to the ATC make me a strong candidate for the role of a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer (JNCO).

Throughout the past couple of years, I have actively engaged in leadership roles outside of cadets. I put myself forward and was then elected as a house leader at school, collaborating with other representatives and teachers to plan charity events and enhance school life. This experience taught me the importance of teamwork, a skill that I recognise as crucial in becoming an NCO. I firmly believe that the leadership skills I developed during this time are easily transferable to cadet life, which would be advantageous to the NCO team, as they would be very beneficial when it comes to taking the squadron on parade and teaching lessons to recruits.

Furthermore, I take great pride in my organisational abilities. Completing the Flight Simulator Theory Module within a week and my commitment to achieving my leading class cadet badge soon after attaining first class are testament to my discipline, dedication and conscientious approach. These organisational skills will only benefit further my level of preparation for parade nights.

Looking to the future, I am dedicated to making the most of every opportunity available as a cadet and to continuously participate in every exercise and activity during my time with ___Squadron. Additionally, I plan on participating in the Duke of Edinburgh program in year 10, further enriching my experiences and contributions to both ___Squadron and the RAF Air Cadets organisation as a whole.

Becoming a JNCO is not only a personal goal but also a chance for me to further develop my confidence and contribute to the growth and enjoyment of parade nights, especially for new recruits. I already have many ideas to enhance the cadet experience and engage others in aviation related activities and other life skills.

Some of my proposed NCO night activities include:

-aviation quizzes with prizes
-emergency response exercises encompassing first aid or handling potential threats within squadron premises
-a large escape room exercise where two teams of cadets communicate solely through Morse code, inspired by Corporal ____’s leadership exercise a few weeks ago, but on a much greater scale.

Moreover, I believe implementing a monthly ‘uniform night’ for newer cadets and those interested would be beneficial. This event would aid other corporals in fulfilling one of their main duties, keeping cadets uniform in good shape and clean, as well as providing an opportunity for cadets to improve their uniforms, receive guidance from the NCO team, and take pride in their appearance, enhancing our squadron’s overall representation and professionalism.

Furthermore, I suggest organising more public charity events in and around ___________to raise awareness of the Air Training Corps. These events would not necessarily require formal parades or uniforms but can be simple promotional gatherings that not only support charities but also attract potential recruits to join the ATC.

I believe that my promotion to corporal would enable me to give back even more to ___ Squadron and the ATC community. My commitment to the ATC and the experiences I have gathered over the past year have shaped me into a dedicated and capable individual, eager to contribute my ideas and positive attitude to the current NCO team.

Cdt. ___________

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