Is there a d&c badge?

Hi I’ve heard from a cadet that they are issuing a drill and ceremonial badge in the same place as the musicians badge, is this true?

Been discussed by HQAC…but nothing more than that

I’m personally against it. Too many badges as it is.


I agree !

There has been discussion of PTS badges for drill. Heard nothing for a brassard badge for attending a camp


There’ll be one for going to Summer, Easter and Autumn, Aerospace camps next!!

A draught PTS syllabus was created but last heard badges for it were backed back as a no

I don’t think that another badge is the way forward, especially when the current ones worked so well :joy:.

However I have heard that there is a D&C PTS being designed with 1st class drill assessment being the blue level. I don’t think badges has been discussed but I do hope they just leave it as a PTS syllabus without the badge.

Blue was First Class Drill Test (pointless extra badge as its part of first class which you get a badge for)

Bronze - NCO Course (Forming a Squad, Communications Drill Test, Command and control of a squad

Silver - Cadet Drill Course (how to to teach drill)

Gold - D&C Camp

Seems strange how D&C is ‘harder’ than CDC which looks incredibly thorough. D&C is a nice week in the sun with some arms drill.

Surely CDC should be treated like Instructor First Aid?

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They like their extended residential factors for gold levels. We’ve had discussions in the past about leadership levels and requirements.

Although I agree that it would make sense to have a “qual” and tangible skill benefit to the squadron as a result of achieving whatever gold is…

Absolutely. I simply cannot see how a D&C attendee will benefit a squadron half as much as a cadet trained in the proper instruction of drill.


Why should they be any sort of qualification as opposed to personal achievements? Why is direct benefit to the squadron in any way relevant to the cadet and their earning of a badge?

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I wouldn’t mind the introduction of a cadet drill instructor badge that has passed a drill instruction course as well as some more advanced theory/drills.

SCC have something similar

Why not just give them a white belt?

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Because they’ll think of an excuse to wear it at every given opportunity

Aslong as they only wear it whilst carrying out drill instruction :wink:

Well as long as they do not follow the example of a number of DI’s in my wing who think its a badge of office and wear the belt/carry the stick at every opportunity.

I even saw one last month turn up with his pace stick to a range day.

You left yourself wide open there Alex :wink:

Dont worry… i hate wearing the belt (makes me look fatter :joy:) and the stick just gets in the way most the time.

I do like the heated conversations that happen when telling fellow DIs that the sticks are not permitted on parades

I know where the stick can go for the majority of DI’s I’ve encountered… :wink:

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