Is there a d&c badge?

Same as Music. Grade 8 gets you silver. Joining the national band gets you gold, even though you only need Grade 5. Even if you played in the National Youth Orchestra (which is of higher standard) as principle violinist you would only get silver for your grade 8

Yes but music grades aren’t directly linked to the cadets. A formed RAFAC band is a RAFAC thing. Drill is a RAFAC thing. Getting grade 3 banjo isn’t.

you can’t even get staff to follow that rule what chance with cadets!

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Judging by the comments I would suggest most of you know nothing about drill. It is a complex subject and takes time and effort to master correctly so why not have a badge. D&C camp is particularly hard with the various aspects of drill. So why not reward cadets with a badge to recognise their achievement. As a QCS drill pig, I recognise their skill and commitment

Too many badges as it is :pensive:

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Shame a lot of them are a bit niche, while a corps-wide activity such as drill remains unbadged.

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I think you misunderstand the nature of the complaints.
The animosity here isn’t towards drill but towards the PTS system which is, at best, inconsistent.
Adding another badge to the already very crowded mix (so crowded there’s no space left) isn’t helping people.


I do love a sweeping assumption.

But yes, as said, the issue isn’t with Drill.

The proposed, theoretical, Drill PTS doesn’t make sense - almost anyone can go to D+C and earn Gold (how many cadets per year), yet only a Ltd number of highly skilled and useful cadets will do cadet DI and earn silver.

I’m all for overhauling the way drill is progressed as a lot of it is stuck in the past, but it has to make sense and it doesn’t need a badge (they’ve been mocked up, I’ve seen them, please Lord no).

Since time began, there have been cadets with a penchant and mastery of drill, and/or a passion for it. D+C fills a great gap there, and well, I think. But let’s not kid ourselves that it’s a niche passion that needs much more recognition than it gets - all cadets do drill… Those who like it go to D+C (and other wing courses), those who try hardest and do it better are more likely to become NCOs, the best do CDI. Plus there are annual drill competitions. I’ve not heard of a wing radio comp, or road marching comp…