Inventory management

Does anyone have an IT based system to manage kit on their unit? Ideally cloud and tablet based would?

Or any recommendations? Looking to track AT kit in particular.

I just used a simple excel spreadsheet and added it to Onedrive so that anyone can update online.

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That would be my plan B. OneDrive hits the ‘cadets can’t log on’ barrier again.

What are you actually trying to do? We use a combination of Excel, MS Forms and Power Automate. Cadets only access the forms.

List items in stores
Check items in / out
Produce report or alerts of items that need checking

AT to start with, but would Look to extend to electricals and maybe uniform.

MANY MANY moons ago i built something that did this in Access

What sort of AT kit in particular? We’re slowly switching over to GearLog… but there’s a lot of Gear to Log - so it’s taking a while!




Tents, bergans, roll mats, cookers that sort of stuff. Plus we loan out waterproofs.

Might also use it for Fieldcraft kit.

Like any of these it’s an effort to set up but pays for itself quite soon after.

Could make it a cadet project perhaps?

Silver or Gold DofE volunteering?

Seems to be what I’m looking for.

We do have a requirement to log all electricals & record PAT dates, could it do that too?

One system that does all would be handy, but not if it’s at the expense of useability.

Could be, or computer science maybe

It could do, but it’s primarily designed around AT gear. Essentially anything with a PAT is just another bit of kit with a specific inspection interval so you could shoehorn that into it I imagine.

It looks like you can import from Excel into GearLog so it might work as a way to test the concept of an online inventory and solve the issue of tracking what is being used for DofE etc.

Off the shelf general purpose inventory systems are up to £500 a year, so it’s great that they provide GearLog for free

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thought there was a prebuilt inventory management spreadsheet on the acc drive? unless that’s not what you’re looking for

A spreadsheet is a start but ideally looking for something more automated. GearLog looks fab but not sure if it can handle IT kit, Fieldcraft kit etc - down the line I’d like to track uniform too.

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maybe have to get a techie cadet to make a program to track it, would be a fun project but i certainly lack the time to do it.

I wouldn’t know where to start.
I’m sure I could do something with clipboards and lined paper.

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i mean i have an idea where to start but no idea where to go from there and i certainly don’t have enough time to sit there and do it all

@Novet that’s OK if 1. the cadet understands what you are after; 2. has the time to do it; 3. until the cadet leaves it goes belly up and no one has a scooby.

Frankly having tried spreadsheets in the past I’m now firmly in printed stock sheet and manual count mode. If someone suggested doing something electronic, fine but it’s theirs’s to design and keep the data current. The idea soon goes away as they would expect someone else to do it.

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