Interesting Beret wearing

Interesting headdress here. I’m not arguing with him though!

Pretty standard for the Regiment.


I plan to move mine a few degrees counter clockwise each parade night till mine’s like that. That way no one will notice until it is too late.


Yeah, mines in a similar position.
Bit further forward. And not as flat cappy.


Saw the beret first and knew I’d see Regiment mudguards before looking down.

The Regiment are probably best described as “interesting” overall


Its basically a flat cap at this stage


You say this like it’s a bad thing


I’ve never understood the why.

Beyond “because they can”, that is.

Not at all.

Keeps the sun out of the eyes, evens out the sunburn on the ears.


Maybe his Warrant Officer should be getting a grip of him for not wearing his beret in accordance with dress regulations.


Raf regiment. sf style.

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It’s how mine is at the moment…

It’s called “ally”, kinda means “cool but against regulations”

Wearing it like that was started by the parashoot regiment in (iirc) Aden. Out in the desert with the sun in their eyes it was difficult to see the enemy to engage them affectively, so all the paras cut about with their head dress like that to keep the sun out of their eyes.

Still against dress regulations so not actually allowed though, so if you mould yours like that be ready for someone to comment!

Bold of you to assume they actually wear berets.


They do when visiting someone else’s base. I remember being stunned as a young squaddie seeing a real-life sandy beret.

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Seen it once on a 216 bod.

Not seen it other that instance. :rofl:

216? I thought they provided signals to 16 AA and wore maroon? Might be completely wrong though😱

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He said he was 216.

Very high chance that he was “216” if you get what I mean. :rofl::rofl:

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Ahhh yes, “216” - makes sense😱

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I know him. Legend.

Ok. Its bold of you to assume im wrong. Im friends with serving and ex sf and members of the sfsg. All wear or worn their berets in a similar manner. Its personal choice. If you are referring to ops then no. I agree. Where appropriate maybe they do.