Instant polish

What’s the general consensus on instant polish and other related products?

I’ve found they work well

Kill it with fire

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Interesting you say that because I have an old pair of parade shoes I used some instant bulling polish on and it turned out quite well

I feel there isn’t really such a thing as instant bulling. Instant shining? Debatably, but bulling is a method of shining.

Yeah, that’s what it’s advertised as, hot it of cadet direct

Shoes need to be highly polished…in my books and might pee some others that’s not highly polished.

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Those shoes need some work to them it’s not going to be overnight but you will be pleased I recon at the end.

I agree but to begin with that’s a very nice transformation

it normally break off in bits after a few hours wear…
Unless you intend to put them on the shelf do it the proper way with polish and see what you can achieve through some work and time you will be happier in The long run

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They will not polish correctly the polish will flake off as the chemically later you’ve created wont absorb the normal polish

The whole point of polish is to protect, waterproof, give the leather nutrients and makes the leather last longer.

The Instant shine you have just layers chemical substances over the leather. Like paint, it won’t help the leather, it will crack and flake off and won’t last at all. And have a detrimental effect on the leather. Im not trying to be negative either but that’s not a good shine. You can achieve a much better shine by doing it properly.

It’s best to just polish and bull properly to give the best protect and care for your shoes. I don’t use instant shine, and never will, a big part of being in the Military is proper care and maintenance of your kit and equipment as your life might depend on it.

And stay away from cadet direct, they are a bunch of thieving crooks.

Yeah, I know all of this and as I said these are old parade shoes, they were soft CA and this was merely San experiment

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Used it on basic for the first few weeks to make an acceptable shine - but be warned that you can’t polish over it.

I ended up bulling my shoes with washing-up liquid to get rid of the stuff.

Unless you’re really in a bind, don’t use the stuff, you’re just building up work for yourself later down the line.

You seem to have posted the “before” photo.


Can we have less casual abuse of the shoes please?

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I use them as school shoes, they’re soft-cap so i can’t bring them on parade shoes

It’s really worth trying to source yourself a pair of parade shoes.

Not only does it give you a base for decent polish, it means you’re not going to potentially face abuse at school for having weirdly shiny shoes!

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yeah, I have ex RAF parade shoes they’re easy to shine and hardcap

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Absolutely not.

I assume this is Morello or its cheaper counterpart? You can achieve better than that with it, but you’ll only end up crying when it flakes in the heat or goes squiffy in the rain.

Then you’ll cry again when you can’t polish them properly.

I get that these aren’t your main shoes, but you asked for the “consensus”, and that is not to even let it see a pair of parade shoes and it’s not as impressive as you think - you could brush and buff and achieve similar results to that photo.