Indoor air rifle range hessian/burlap/something else?

Hoping you can all help!

Trying to sort out our indoor air rifle range at the unit. We’ve had pre-inspections and there is a fair few bits that need covering down range. Doors/windows/radiators metal etc etc. We recon a big wall oh hessian is likely the easiest way forward, but can’t find where to source it from! Any help would be appreciated.

you need ballistic nylon.

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@WelshML beat me to it, the last few air rifle ranges I’ve seen have used this rather than Hessian.

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Very interesting! Not seen this before and our TSA only mentioned hessian. Looks good though. We were hoping for something in a 2.5m roll but this could be made to work :smiley:

Which Rgn are you?

LaSER :slight_smile:

When we ordered it it was 1.5m wide and you could order cut panels. Our go to was 1.5x2.4 (floor to roof) and overlapped by 6 inches each time! We had 10 panels and got a parent to hem and stitch on velcro as needed…

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That sounds promising. The Velcro idea would also help solve the ‘getting to the fire exit’ issue we may have.

Have you tried speaking to your Rgnl ShO? Do you have a TS25 screen?

Not him, but the TSA extensively as to what we need to do to get it approved. Currently just a cae of sourcing materials to get it done! We essentially just need to remove any possibility of a ricochet. We could build little wood boxes around things but that seems like a PITA so we’re planning in a big ol’ wall of hessian. (Or this ballistic fibre stuff now!)


That ballistic stuff is good, I’ve been to a few ranges with it on now and it’s easier to work with than hessian, lighter for hanging on curtain rails to run it in and out. It is an expensive solution though.

We’re currently finishing off our TS25 indoor range, but our directive from TSA was to use 5mm plywood for side and 10mm direct line of fire. We’ve had to build boxes for all sockets, radiators and about to start on the double fire exit doors. There was no mention of using any other materials, as ballistic nylon would be really good option for the fire exit doors.

So this is what I read in the JSP, and also what I’ve seen some squadrons do. But we queried this due to the amount of work it would require and were told hessian would be a fine alternative!

We’re hoping to not have to go down the wooden box route! This nylon stuff sounds like it’ll work well for us. Maybe make up some kind of curtain rail for it.

If you don’t trust your TSAs advice then consider raising it via the CoC to TG6 who is the RAFAC range inspectorate and can advise.

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I trust his advise, as he’s the one who’ll be signing it off to say if it’s okay or not :smiley:

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I’ll send you our plans etc if you want, we used ballistic nylon and it is a method that has been adopted across the Rgn, we were the first.

I’m surprised that you couldn’t find a source of hessian as it is a common and cheap product.

Hessian Roll

Albeit the normal caveats about supply chain issues probably apply.


We used Hesian to cover the back wall but then plywood at the ends of the radiators down range.

Isn’t all shooting including air rifle suspended due to us not having trauma first aid kits?

RC LaSER as DDH has made an exception that if a med mod 069 isn’t available then a ‘medium work place’ first aid kit confirming to BS 8599-1:2019 is acceptable for air rifle only.

Obviously this only applies to LaSER but I’d be surprised if other RCs had not made similar decisions.

At least one hasn’t.

Also something else that was raised is that if we do get the correct kits the current First Aid doesn’t cover Tourniquets anyway.

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