Inappropriate language


Over the past year a small number of complaints have been received by HQ RAFAC regarding use of inappropriate language by adult volunteers directed at or in front of cadets.

Now i am certainly guilty of this over my time in the cadet forces, i have certainly never been complained about (to my face anyway) as “most” of the time its a slip of the tongue or something ive apologised for.

Anyone else wondering why this type of thing is being reported all the way up the chain. surely it can be dealt with at Sqn/Wing level at most?


Surely they need to provide some examples of what language is considered inappropriate and what is OK. Where does the boundary lie?

This is an entirely subjective matter.


Not really. All it takes is one overly offended parent and the issue suddenly becomes the fault of the CAS…


Does this mean I have to stop throwing punctuation at my cadets… !#*$


Having watched that Young Soldiers programme on TV, I’m surprised the Scottish Cpl is still on the show. He uses F… as a comma.


Most of the inappropriate language I hear comes from the cadets usually when they think staff are not in earshot.


Occasionally i have the odd slip of a mild word…however i was told after appologising “donr worry sir we hear a lot worst at school!”:neutral_face:


Most of my slips are when dealing with staff!


I once got told it was inappropriate to call a member of staff an effin moron to there face. It did the trick as they are no longer as much of a moron, i count it as a win.

nearly 2 years on i am still waiting for “the chat” from my WSO, he was laughing when he phoned me telling me i was in doodoo so i am guessing the accuser was told to wind it in.


Yeah well it is!

Sorry but if you were brought up in our area and didn’t swear like a trooper… you were not normal


I liked the fact that this is being raised now with “camp season around the corner”. As if staff have seasonally outbreaks of inappropriate language.


You will probably all laugh at this BUT there was an incident at camp recently a CI reported 2 male officers for inappropriate and abusive behaviour and language.

Both shared a room and one snored very badly so the next morning one is sitting talking with staff in the camp office and the other one walks in.

Off1: see you, and your F snoring I haven’t slept all night!!
Off2: laughs, well this is only the first night looking forward to seeing the state of you mid week
Off1: laughs, really I will be fine because I will be killing you if it goes on
Off2: in your dreams, I will be snoring even louder now.
Off1: is that so, I will just need to take a Sh in your mouth to block the noise

All the office laughs saying too far except the CI they reported it. A full investigation was carried out both officers were suspended too during the 4month investigation!!!


I think there is a seasonal outbreak of inappropriate language. But i think its linked more to April when the VA days reset. So you see all the Payday Charlies arrive at every activity and interfere, but only after April, you never see them past August/September all the way through to march…


Clearly every Squadron needs to be issued with a swear jar with proceeds going to repair the local church roof… I would put the picture up from Hot Fuzz but I think it might get removed!


Run up to Christmas for me…


I can’t afford a squadron swear jar.

I have tried to cut down recently. One of the cadet NCOs and I have a competition on to see who can swear least. The loser has to pay a forfeit of some kind.


We used to have one at work. Your name went in the pot and whoever was in the most bought doughnuts Friday afternoon.

We became so good that we broadened its scope to “self betterment pot”.

A few months later it was quite spectacularly destroyed in a fit of rage…


I have not been a member of the ACO but I was a very senior officer with the ACF and would have been required to investigate complaints. In the situation you outline above I would not have suspended the two officers involved during the investigation. I would have been required by the Regulations to complete the investigation within 48 hours or within a week at the latest. If action on my part was required, I would also try to have it all completed within 7 Days.

I am pretty sure that any action I took would be at the most reminding the officers of the need to moderate their language in the company of sensitive souls. This could have been achieved by talking to all concerned informally.


I’d have ensured the episode was not repeated by getting rid of the CI!

emphasis joyless emphasis


You mean I can’t refer to the cadets as fing little illegitimates anymore?