Inappropriate language


Only during camp season, you are fine to continue for the rest of the year.


I suspect the issue here is that the tolerance of bad language will be variable across units - some will tolerate it (especially where that is normal in that area, e.g. some of the rougher parts of cities) and some (probably in leafier areas) will be rather more easily offended; and camps risks those two groups colliding and someone being upset. Hence the seasonal reminder.

A lot depends on context, for me: someone who uses F as punctuation (the Army have a lot of these) is not usually trying to be offensive and if it’s pointed out, mostly tries to stop; that’s totally different from someone who loses their temper with a cadet and screams obscenities in their face. It’s about the intention more than the actual words used. The latter would be absolutely unacceptable and would definitely be a disciplinary offence if I am in charge. (Which I often am!)


Whilst I feel there is no place in RAFAC for bad language, as we should be setting an example, it does happen but should be kept to a minimum.

As for parents reporting misdemeanours to HQ RAFAC, usually comes from over bearing individuals who just want to make a name for themselves. Seen it happen, but all it does is cause a bow wave of issues, with additions added on way down. If it had been done at the lowest level, would have probably done quicker.


Fixed that for you <3


I would say it is mostly over sensitive parents reacting to something and nothing, as their little cherubs have gone through life unchallenged.
I had a mum come to see me after her son had spoken to me about being a pilot. He’d been to the CIO and they’d told him it would be ‘fluffy bunnies’ all the away. He has eyesight problems and as his mum told us he’s had periods of depression in junior school and 1st year senior school (when her and his dad divorced) which he’s still getting counselling for. I said these might not bode well going forward and need to be checked out with his optician and doctor and the info passed to the RAF, so they can make a decision and if negative he can changes / adjust his plans, rather than go for it and find out it’s not viable. He had apparently gone home almost in tears. She said it was inappropriate for me to speak like that and as the CO of an ATC unit I should be encouraging the cadets to pursue jobs in the forces. I told her the CIO people are no more expert than I am and they should seek advice from the RAF sooner rather than later as I suggested.


Whilst you are completely correct that both of those need to be checked as they could cause problems. I have no doubt whatsoever that you went about telling him that in an inappropriate and highly negative manner which may explain the parents reaction


Yes, it’s not like it’s their job or anything. Given that you don’t even seem to know the abbreviation “AFCO”, on what basis do you claim any sort of expertise?


They were CIOs when I went and they are still CIOs, a change of name given the CO part is Careers Office would mean they are still places you got for information regarding careers in the forces.

Mind you whatever they call them, they have always been pretty poor as increasingly when many go along, they haven’t got openings in the jobs they want to do at that time, but that doesn’t stop them signing people up.


So what do you do then?
Say “Oh WOW, go for it” and ignore to point out there are potential problems that can be checked now, thus avoiding a focus on something that they find out can’t happen. Like it or not the parents are going to get it checked out.

The careers chats our kids had at school were “go to university”, rather than properly sitting down looking at interests in terms of jobs.


Just tell them that “it’s great that they want to go for it, you’ll support them all the way to limits of your ability, and you hope they can make it, but there’s a potential for black clouds and rain, and to take a look out of the window and take precautions now. Just in case so they can change their plans if needed. If it’s not to be then there are other options and you’re there to help, but they are better checking the forecast with the AFCO now to avoid getting wet later.”


If the people dumped in the careers offices did their job properly, this lad and others would be better informed and able to make better informed decisions. This is opposed to coming away with heads full of stuff and nonsense, that all they have to do is turn up and it will happen.


Total with the senior ACF officer comments. Being aware of several recent incidents its appears that everything regardless of it severity all get raised and passed to HQAC. As for sorting in days or week. Make it months.