Ideal toy for Staff?

There are many a complaint about the lack of flying, and although there is still no official clarity on the ability to fly via the “none service aircraft” route - it would be nice for the Staff to have this toy - if only for the registration

Yours for only £37k
(if all the Cadets paid £1 we’d have raised enough :joy:)


Didn’t Northern Ireland wing build two ?

they have built a Sting yes…NIAC is the registration

Yes, and according to his Twitter account, AM Reynolds ‘can’t wait to… fly the cadets and staff who built her’.

Maybe they have a more liberal understanding of ACTO35 in Northern Ireland. They certainly have a better appreciation of Risk to Life than in Handbrake Hanger.

Or may be they have not flown it yet…

No such ACTO…

Of course! I forget. It’s an Instruction not to go flying, not an Order not to to go flying!

I have been battling this (unsuccessfully) for a while…

So, let’s look at this logically - under ACTO35, it was necessary to ask permission for cadets to fly in Non-Service aircraft. ACTO35 would seem to be defunct; therefore, there is no source document that dictates such policy… :smiling_imp:

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Add some Tweets - good publicity for the cause! :wink:

It’s a travesty that there is next to no flying in today’s ATC, part of out reason for existence.

If you read the history of the ATC, in the early days , Squadrons made their own basic training glider, much the same way as we made Kayaks in my day (1970’s)
No shooting , to talk of , my son, a 21 year old scout leader , does more than is , it’s so frustrating.
We are tied up with home grown restrictions and paperwork; whilst I’m telling my cadets we cant do Fieldcraft because we haven’t done thee latest course , and few courses available, the scout groups are doing, pioneering, air rifle shooting , archery and some are going flying sponsored by the district group!
We are losing our way !
I’m still very proud of the leadership training and being part of the RAF , but it’s got to change , we are strangling ourselves!

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