Ideal toy for Staff?

There are many a complaint about the lack of flying, and although there is still no official clarity on the ability to fly via the “none service aircraft” route - it would be nice for the Staff to have this toy - if only for the registration

Yours for only £37k
(if all the Cadets paid £1 we’d have raised enough :joy:)


Didn’t Northern Ireland wing build two ?

they have built a Sting yes…NIAC is the registration

Yes, and according to his Twitter account, AM Reynolds ‘can’t wait to… fly the cadets and staff who built her’.

Maybe they have a more liberal understanding of ACTO35 in Northern Ireland. They certainly have a better appreciation of Risk to Life than in Handbrake Hanger.

Or may be they have not flown it yet…

No such ACTO…

Of course! I forget. It’s an Instruction not to go flying, not an Order not to to go flying!

I have been battling this (unsuccessfully) for a while…

So, let’s look at this logically - under ACTO35, it was necessary to ask permission for cadets to fly in Non-Service aircraft. ACTO35 would seem to be defunct; therefore, there is no source document that dictates such policy… :smiling_imp:

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Add some Tweets - good publicity for the cause! :wink:

It’s a travesty that there is next to no flying in today’s ATC, part of out reason for existence.

If you read the history of the ATC, in the early days , Squadrons made their own basic training glider, much the same way as we made Kayaks in my day (1970’s)
No shooting , to talk of , my son, a 21 year old scout leader , does more than is , it’s so frustrating.
We are tied up with home grown restrictions and paperwork; whilst I’m telling my cadets we cant do Fieldcraft because we haven’t done thee latest course , and few courses available, the scout groups are doing, pioneering, air rifle shooting , archery and some are going flying sponsored by the district group!
We are losing our way !
I’m still very proud of the leadership training and being part of the RAF , but it’s got to change , we are strangling ourselves!

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G-NIAC - Permit to Fly issued.

As things currently stand, no cadet will be able to fly in that aircraft as part of any “ACO-organised” participation / event.

Ooooh - Cmdt has replied to my tweet! :open_mouth:

No reason you can’t do the pioneering and archery in the cadets too :-p

Can you borrow an ACF instructor for the night?

If you’re lucky enough to know someone who has had the time and money to qualify as an instructor outside of the Corps…

i was on a course run locally, cost me £40, I’m a L1 archery coach now. . . doesn’t have to be expensive.

Christ, she is so patronising.

That and my Wing AvO wouldnt answer even if they did know.

But hey ho… she will get a ride I’m sure, probably with Vorders flying her. Think of the social media results she would get for that.
Seems to be all that’s important to her now.

I like that she started getting defensive. No one was accusing her for sloping shoulders.
And surely the reason for asking what the “legitimate challenges” faced are, is so we can all understand. . .

We all understand the need; not all understand the constraints.

So tell us!

what is frustrating is ACTO035 was valid once upon a time - and was successfully utilized. i know of 3 Squadrons in our Wing who either got friendly with their local gliding club, flying school or simply had a pilot within the CFAV team who took cadets up…

…none of those incidents (nationally) created an issue that I am aware of, certainly no reports of “risks to safety” or “dangerous” occurrence to give reason for a rethink

as stated by @mprentice1 indicates we don’t understand the constraints yet no one is willing to explain why there is no ACTO035, why it disappeared, why it is taking so long to reappear or what is the stumbling block…!

Yep, & we actioned powered flying & gliding under the relevant rules / conditions. We have not had (other than a couple of cadets at Aerospace Camp) any sqn gliding provided by the ACO since the start of the “freeze.”