IBN on requisition of RAFAC buildings (MACA)

Hope they don’t want my damp, mouldy, cold, draughty, dank Sqn HQ…

Unless they are going to paint it up nice and shiny!

They’re welcome to come and try.


Ours is similarly safe

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Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Thankfully even the Army have limits. However, if they deploy the RMs…


During the fireman’s strike I know local units that were utilised.

My suggestion though is if you are going to have your unit used, photographed all the walls and toilets. The army managed to break the toilet and then put a hole in 2 walls in ours. We had pictures of how it was when RFCA tried to blame the cadets.

We ended up having it all repaired AND it was the army who paid!!

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Ah, but many units have been told they’re not allowed to enter their buildings now.

They’re welcome to ours, but we’re on an Army Reserve compound and it’s the smallest building there, so it’s pretty damn unlikely they’ll be using it.

That’s exactly what our was…
It was used for Sleeping accommodation

We had RAF “firefighters” use our accommodation.

We (stupidly) left years worth of station plaques, gathered from years of annual camps and overseas visits, still on the walls of our main training room. When we got the accommodation back there were a quite a few missing - especially from closed stations.

WHQ, The RAF Police, and RAFCA just shrugged, and said there wasn’t much they could do. We estimated that the missing items would have cost between £500 - £600 to replace brand new.

Good news is this IBN says if our insurance doesn’t cover it we will still be fully reimbursed.


So, what if it is requisitioned, and then after whoever takes it leaves, but before we come back, someone were to damage things which need replacing…?

Only if it’s on the inventory.

I forgot I’d left some personal kit on the squadron and by the time I’d realised we were in lockdown so I couldn’t/can’t go and retrieve it. Will not be best pleased if that goes missing.

Cough make sure it’s on your inventory cough


Thrilled to learn we don’t have any digital copies of the inventory, the paper copies are stored on the squadron, and they are completely out of date. Yay.

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Sounds like my Squadron too

WFH: make sure your new inventory takes special note of those fancy new Keela MTP waterproofs and the Dragon Supplies patrol packs you shelled out for…


There should be a hand over and back procedure in place to account for this.

I suspect they will be wanting to use them for community testing stations as most are located in reasonable locations for walking distance of local communities.

Whoever does the handover should be able to locate and secure that for you. Hopefully they would have the decency to return it to you.

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I’m just thinking of worst case scenarios - just been talking it over with my OC and he’s pretty adamant that he wants to be there for any handover/securing of data and belongings.

Well, given CFAV are banned from the units, there would be no reason to tell him, so he probably won’t know until its a done deal!

Mine could be used as a mortuary, it’s that ruddy cold in there!


Yeah, you would think, RFCA gave them the keys last time and walked away.
We then got an email Saying don’t use your sqn there is a bunch of squaddies sleeping in it.

IBN does say we’re supposed to be notified of any plan to use our buildings.

I can’t be bothered arguing with him so am just going to leave it to him now that I’ve done my bit and told him about it.