IBN 013 - 2021: 3822A & 3822H

Ok so new IBN on 3822A and 3822H…

First off. Ok great, nice to get everything all legal.

But why for the love of christ does it all have to go to the OCs account.
Do I want all that extra admin… right now…

And what about cadets who are just joining? What form do I get them to fill in? A paper copy of the new form or an electronic copy?

Where do we upload all these files to? Just says upload to the cadets record on SMS? Where? Under files?

“This project will generate administrative burden at the local level” no poo it will.

Why couldnt you lot up in the ivory towers make it so parents click a link and enter this into sms themselves. You know, like a professional organisation might.
Instead we (Sqn OCs) have to facilitate and monitor this for all our cadets.

GMG beyond belief.

Admin reduction my left buttock!

On the 3rd page of 9 :thinking: it states “DLS (RAF) have confirmed that electronic signatures are acceptable on consent forms. This could include a typed signature, an image of a signature inserted into the document, secure digital signing methods or by typing the name into the signature block.”

Then why can’t HQAC accept electronic signatures on loads of other documents… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I know right.
The HYPOCRISY is appalling.

Do we get parents to sign the 3822H if their child is over 16?
Not clear if this is an IF/OR requirement.

Dont we have perms working for the org… as a ONE OFF ADMIN REQUIREMENT couldnt the forms all have been emailed to wexo.wonker@rafac etc…
Let them do it?

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All Web-based/virtual training sessions and meetings will be recorded

Who wants to tell them they changed the policy?

Yes, it says to only accept from cadets if they are staff cadets

That’s contradictory to the form…

It says under 16 and over 16.
Staff cadet is from 18…

So do parents sign the 3822H for…

  1. A 16 year old.
  2. A 17 year old.

Also… so am reading this correctly.
For new cadets. Of which I have 5 joining TONIGHT.

I get parents to complete the new form.
We upload all the details using the new wizard.
Then we have to additionally scan and upload the forms to somewhere on that cadets SMS… so another permanent admin step added.

What do we do with all the current 3822As held on file?

Oh, I missed that bit. By the letter I assume cadet signs and parent emails but that seems silly.


Need clear guidance on this ASAP.

All seems very… untested on a real Sqn environment.

Oh… and the ibn talks about annex C.
Only goes up to annex B… :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Who wrote this… come on…

Is the law not different in Scotland though? Since they have full legal capacity from 16.

For a consent form… isnt the important thing…



I think the RAFAC just go with the 18 boundary, how that stands in law I have no idea

Also… do we no longer need to know a cadets NHS number?
Isnt that sort of fundamental?

Edit - answered by intruder.

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I know very few people who know it and it’s not required by the NHS as they can find it when you go to A&E/walk in etc.

So I don’t see it as a biggie if we don’t ask for it.


In fact adding to my previous post.

Scraping the back of my memory. Is there not something in GDPR/DPA that says you can only hold information that you actually need?

We can’t do anything with an NHS number other than have it on a form, we don’t carry the joining forms on activities with us. So it’s not just data we don’t need, but data we are potentially not allowed to have?

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My grumpy (ex-wing commander) adj is going to love this…

Ok that’s useful.

All my other questions and comments stand.

The Staff Cadet versus 16 year old cadet question is thus:

They are two distinct forms.
The 3822A Consent form must be signed by a parent if the cadet is under 18.
The 3822H is a medical form, and 16 year olds are responsible for their own consent in medical matters.

I do like the way that the form asks if one is allergic to “medicines”… but then doesn’t ask to which medicines one is allergic.