How do I file an appeal


There had been a warning against myself and a few other cadets. However all I had to do with it was being their friend and was given an exclusion and a warning and I
am wondering if and how I can file an appeal as I haven’t done anything and this has caused an outrage with
in my family with the ATC. Any advice is appreciated, thank you.


Warning about what?
What would you be appealing against?

Remember this is the ATC not real life. Very, very little that goes on disciplinary wise has any bearing on anything outside the bubble.

If your family are that outraged just get them to go and see the OC.


I disagree for young folks its real life when they have been given a warning and excluded. They worry what their peers will think of them and how it will affect their promotion. Finally did it fit the so call crime… I agree he or his folks should speak to the OC.


We were told to change our statements which I personally feel is out of order


If told by staff to change your statement; totally out of order.

Get parents, if unde 18, to talk to OC, or WSO if you feel that way.


The power if mum and dad needs to be applied here


Its the policy that Parents or guardians should of been involved from the start if you are going down the adminstive action route, if the cadet is under the age of 18, within your warning which you should of had in writing it should tell you how to appeal the decision.

Best thing to do is get you parents or guardians to write to the CO regarding the matter and then escalate to your sqns wing staff officer, as for most levels of adminstive action the WSO should at least of been notified.


Still not entirely sure what has been going on to warrant the actions. Looks like another case of he/she said and A N Other he/she scenario, to which people have over reacted and should just have been a chat with the adult SNCO, with the OC kept in the loop.

Just get mum/dad down to speak to the CO and find out what’s been happening and why the OC’s taken the action they have. It could be that the OCs had enough of a situation and taken action. There are times I’ve felt like telling groups of cadets to take a month off, as they are a pain.

There is a life lesson here, keep out of things (even as a friend) if it doesn’t primarily concern you. At school or in the wider world, ‘supporting’ your mates can bring a whole heap of trouble your way and leaves them unscathed.


i had to inform my parents myself I was not told How To appeal it also inbetween all of this they let me go to RAF St mawgan, we were called in individually and asked to change our statements and one other thing is I know it’s a bit petty but my coat was in the mess and they wouldn’t let me go and get it


Not petty at all, it’s your coat and no matter what its claim to of gone on no one has right to deny you your personal property, if you were on a RAF base and mess was closed and.locked up say after lunch, I would expect some attemp would be made to get your coat or get it another day etc.


I would suggest that your parents then write to your Wing staff officer (sector commander) or Wing executive officer as it seems as though your CO hasn’t followed the procedures and policies set out in ACP 20 in regards to engaging with cadets in regards to the cadet code of conduct, which for a suspension or exclusion as you put it to be given the procedures should of been followed.

From what you have said they haven’t and that would be grounds for an appeal against the decision and to have it looked into by someone else.


No it Was The Sqn mess


Sorry to say but we don’t know the full ins and outs and there is at least 2 sides to every story as you will know.

Have your parents go to the sqn and ask the sqn OC to explain what has happened and their reasoning.
Then after this, if they still are not satisfied then contact your wing headquarters and raise the issue there.

If you have been told to alter your statement against your will then I have a problem with that.

To be excluded from camps. TBH I had 4 cadets who carried on at a camp and/ or covered for each other.
Their actions cost some damage and we could not get to who actually done the damage as the others covered up the actions of the other. Their stories were wildly different when questioned and made no sense.
As OC I made a decision which was to split the repair cost between all 4 cadets and ban them for 6 months from activities away from the sqn.
Yes their parents were down the next night but when I explained what had happened they all agreed except 1 it was the best course to take to teach them all a lesson.
So perhaps you are being included in the group, but you will need to get your parents to ask properly.


We can’t really make a proper assumption here because you haven’t told us what the issue is. I appreciate you might not want to share it (and thats your decision of course) but it will help vastly if you can give us an idea what you’re dealing with.


Two other cadets did somthing and I’m also getting the blame I think because I’m good friends of them


How severe is this ‘something’


Ok with this you may of lost any argument with the corps you may have.

Human Resources is for the work place not the air cadets! Unless your mum has access to the ACPs that cover the rules and regs of the cadets then she cannot quote employment laws in a youth organisation.

Just go along with your parents and speak to the CO in and don’t loose the head and start shouting!!
It’s the only sensible way forward!


I’m honestly baffled myself I really don’t know


We were made to change our statements, the y did not inform our parents and we were not told How To appeal and I did nothing so I think I’m within my rights to appeal sir.


So you don’t know what they did?