How do I file an appeal


Somthing with a phone I think


Never said you couldn’t all I said was

  1. don’t go quoting HR rules in a youth group

  2. your best way forward is with your parents is go see your OC


Pretty much this. I don’t imagine there is much more to be gained by going into more depth here.


Young man it’s still your coat and you should of been given access to get it no matter the mess. At this stage best thing to do is ask the OC or get your folks to contact your OC for a chat to find out what happened and why, someone should of explain correctly and fully what you were or were not being blamed on and why you got the pushment/ finding you did. .


In my career outside of cadets ive been a HR Manager and its at no point had any influence in my time in the corps


I think the question has been answered. Unless anyone has any objections I’ll mark this as completed.