Honours List


Have a like for that. Made me chuckle.

Do you go to your job just to get a pat on the back and a well done, everyday just for doing your job?


My comment was tongue-in-cheek!


Totally agree. Without CI’s, this organisation would be in an even worse state, manning-wise.

I find having to do that, downright appalling. My long-gong from a previous life was triggered by time served which flagged the due date up on the system; and which then commenced the due diligence process re: eligibility.

I find it distasteful that we have to apply rather than have the process ‘triggered’ in a similar way. Even when I put my CFM application in, citing 2 and a bit years previous service I had going spare, the initial application was refused on the grounds that I hadn’t held a certain rank in the RAF, therefore making me ineligible to receive the medal!

I soon put them right after referring them to the medal regulations.


Or you could have a wing who chooses to only hand out CFM etc once a year rather then at the first reasonable opportunity eg someone come out to a Sqn… CFM sitting in WHQ for 10 months now…

On top of having to apply for the trinket, this utterly devalues the CFM for me.


Firstly, go to tailor shops and have the ribbon put on your No.1 tunic.

Secondly, politely ask WHQ to issue your medal to you, asap. It is your right to receive the medal at the earliest opportunity and not wait until some blimp says you can have it.


Done all of that…

Some (in my honest opinion) chod still doesn’t think that things should be sent out in a timely manner though, now nearly 1/3 of the way towards the bar for a medal I haven’t received yet.


Make a formal request in writing to your WExO, stating that you wish the medal to be issued to you within the next 14 days. Tell them you have no desire to have it presented (if you do want it presented, then be prepared to wait longer!) and that you have already waited for the issue for some time with no result.

I’d be interested to hear their reasons if they refused to issue it.

I was asked if I wanted my long-gong presented and I said no. The Chief Clerk told me my medal had arrived and I went and signed for it. No dramas apart from prising it out of the Sqn WO’s hands.


I’m finally expecting to receive it this weekend. I have preivously asked for the trinket and been told ‘you’ll have to wait for it’ to be presented at single event. Yep, that is the case and not a good enough excuse for me either. Utter BS by… I’d best stop there :wink:


I could just react with surprise and say to the presenter that I thought WHQ had lost it and that it was never going to be seen! lol


That is complete BS. It’s not for them to decide when you get it. It’s up to the recipient.

I’d have pinned the blimp who told me that, to the wall.


I made my feelings known in no uncertain terms which would probably get me banned from ACC if I put the text up here.


[quote=“Gunner, post:44, topic:3059, full:true”]

Totally agree. Without CI’s, this organisation would be in an even worse state, manning-wise.[/quote]
Knowing how the tiny minds think who see being staff and not in uniform as a sin, any sort of recognition for CIs on a formal basis would be anti ATC.
I feel that all adult service should count towards CFM, not just uniformed. I’ve known a lot of cadets over the years who have shied away from service as a CI as it would be regarded as a ‘break in service’ and they’d have to wait longer for a gong, ironically a larger proportion never stayed around long enough to get their prize… This shows complete and utter disregard for CIs and displays a small minded attitude that a motivator for becoming uniformed staff is for some trinkets. I wonder if that’s why people take the “Queen’s shilling”? Which is very, very loosely an equivalence for becoming uniformed staff in the CF.

The 5 years I thoroughly enjoyed as a CI has been lost officially.


Just a point of note - WELL DONE to the Air Commodore on her CBE… Well deserved…


I’m not actually sure I agree with you. She’s overseen a period of no gliding and very little flying, shooting going the same way. She’s made it harder to do any fieldcraft. She’s overseen the introduction of a new badging scheme which has been implemented before it was ready leaving cadets and staff let down. She’s at the helm during the biggest change to adult staff terms and conditions happens, leaving many feeling put out and downheartened. She’s overseen the disbansment of 15 VGSs, 3 wings, and we’re in declining numbers of staff and cadets.

Morale amongst staff is the lowest it’s ever been that I can remember (although a lot of that is down to local issues too).

What has she actually done to achieve it?


She’s quite good at selfies…?


It just highlights how poor the Honours system is.
How many ordinary citizens (excluding “celebs” and sporting types) get something without having to give a lifetime (20+ years) of selfless effort / dedication to a cause? I’m not suggesting that people should expect something, but the years they give up hours and maybe many ££££s compared to many others is disporportionate

As said CAC has done little in the ATC to achieve / deserve this and I think it’s a bit too far down the line for recognition relating to the RAF Families she was involved in. It does seem that in the MOD/CS many honours are more about, rank, time served and who you know rather than actually doing something.


'twas ever thus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0F5JXkICwv8


The main state Honours for the Cadet Forces is either an OBE or MBE. Officers in all three Cadet Forces are awarded these in the Military Division List. And this will inhibit the number of recipients.
There is a restriction of the number of awards that can be given in any year. These are shared between all three services and their Reserve and Cadet Forces and certain Commonwealth countries.
The number of OBEs awarded on the Military Division list is 88 of which 34 are awarded to Commonwealth countries.
The most common award is the MBE which is restricted to 312 of which 60 are awarded to Commonwealth countries.
So it is not surprising the Cadet Forces do not receive more awards in the Honours.


That does in many ways raise the question of whether they should continue to be awarded on the Military List. With the CFC and DYER moving cadet forces further away from the parent forces surely it makes more sense to keep the limited spaces for regulars and reserves with a call up liability whilst cadet staff go onto the general list?


How many of them are pre-decided due to length of service, rank, ability to toady, stands their round in The Mess etc.