Honours List


CBE for the Commandant. Services to Twitter?
Sqn level staff overlooked again.


Maybe they got bored of her being the Captain Manwairing of the ATC? :joy: From the list that and a Wing Commander getting an MBE appears to be about it.


A Sqn Ldr from NI wing got something and I believe a padre from west Scotland wing as well



WO Simmonds was my Sqn WO…


Feeling a bit stupid now?


What are the official guidelines on this? For example, any of us would be perfectly entitled to privately nominate an individual for a ‘Civilian List’ honour. All you need to do is to write a nomination detailing their efforts with supporting evidence and obtain two letters of support.

Would it be frowned upon for CFAVs to nominate a colleague locally through the civilian system or does it need to go through the proper military CoC for cadet related nominations.

Is it different for CIs/SNCOs/Officers (Civil vs Miltary Divisions) and will this change with the switch from VRT to RAFAC?

Genuinely curious…



No. Commendations are cheap and invisible. Too many medals go to full time employed and well paid people, including 2 RCs in recent years for heavens sake, while the hard working Sqn Cdrs get diddly squat. Morale is fragile as it is, how about rewarding those people who hold Sqns together, win the Lees, Morris etc? ( I am in none of the above categories but I see a lot of good people who are and it humbles me to see what they do).
Let’s see some true leadership here.


Sad fact: people don’t nominate their peers.

Also, that colour of green doesn’t suit you.


Problem is that lots of people a) don’t know how b) don’t have the experience to write it up properly c) are ignored by a CoC who don’t care about those below.

Some Wings on the other hand are very good at getting people nominated which I commend, there just isn’t any consistency.

The proper awards never seem to go to people at Squadron Level, surely we have plenty of committee members out there who would be good candidates for a BEM or and MBE? (I’m sure those above who get them are very deserving, just would like to see others recognised too).

I would almost like to see a quota system introduced for recommendations, all OC’s expected to make 1 recommendation to Wing, Wings expected to put at least 3 forward to Region, 1 of which must have come from an OC and so on, build a session on how to do it into the Squadron Commanders course at ATF.


Surely that would then mean OCs are pressured to nominate somebody even if they genuinely don’t think there is anyone deserving of it?


The Achilles heel is our nominations go to the military panel which has a very high bar.


There must be someone you can nominate for something! Even if it’s a colleague rather than one of your own staff/committee?

Agree sending things through the military route doesn’t help, seems much easier to get them through the Civil route. (Although speaking to a friend who did a BEM nomination last year it’s still hard work to get them through).


Surely HQAC could drive nominations for national multiple Lees winners etc. ? You are right that the honours are skewed towards certain wings. A lot of volunteers don’t have the skill set to draft recommendations.

There was a young CO of a top SCC Unit who got an MBE a few years back. What a great way to encourage other volunteers rather than the top slicing that is endemic in the system.


You don’t nominate someone for a particular honour, you submit a summary of their achievements for consideration and the panel decide what honour (if any) is appropriate.



Have you checked ACP3?


That’s happening just now…


The honours list is a lot of rubbish anyway. It’s not about being jealous. It’s literally pretentious doorknobs massaging the egos of over pretentious doorknobs.
With an occasional award given out to cover up a massive screw up. Usually to officers and/or when people get killed.


And if they don’t like you, or you don’t have the right background, your acheivments end up in file 13.


That’s the document I was looking for, cheers.