Honours List


You’re still coming across as bitter, passed over and jealous.


I assume if nominated you would hand it back then? :wink:


hahahahah! Nah mate. Not even in the slightest. I couldn’t care less about letters after your name or how much scrambled egg you have on your Shoulders. What I care about is someone’s ability to do their job. Not bureaucracy and their mismanagement.

Those honours get dished out for to distract from screw ups. Fact.


I wouldn’t get nominated in the first place. I am not a yes man, I don’t have the right background and When it comes to job politics, I am like a brick through a plate glass window.

But yea, if by some miracle I got nominated. I wouldn’t accept it. Morals not for medals.


Fact? Hardly. There’s lots of community based volunteers, public service and military personnel who received awards. Sometimes after their demise. None of them cock up.

You are dishonering their contribution IMHO.


PoP, whilst I agree there are a lot of deserving volunteers out there from all walks of life, I also agree with RAS that there are many more who are given state honours who have done nothing other than contributed immensely to monumental cock-up’s.

Certainly in my previous life I can recall at least two senior RAF officers who couldn’t do their job properly if their lives depended on it but who were subsequently awarded the OBE and MBE respectively.

It happens.


We should just accept that in the military division (and civil service in general) the vast majority of these are dished to senior officers (or civil servants) on a time served basis for just doing a job and it doesn’t matter how well or badly they do it. I won’t mention young celebs, sportsmen/women etc etc who are just out of school getting these things.

This is no different. A member of the organisation I cannot think of anything worthy or of note that warrants this within the ATC. If anything it is a sleight to all the volunteers. What next OC 2FTS a knighthood?


He suggested all honours were issued following screw ups - I disagreed. I do agree some are and some are questionable at the least.


I think you should read my posts again.


I’d like to but you contradict yourself more than the PM so I won’t bother. x


What is the right background for being nominated for a state award?


Just the PM, not every other politician, ever.


My wife spotted this and told me with the line "the social media queen’s (as she calls her) got a CBE and only one from the cadets’ and had some very precise reasons for the award. None of which related to making the ATC a better organisation.


Agreed. We all know who the “important” people are: the volunteers who actually run the organisation are at the bottom of the pile.


She probably had a word in Will’s and Kate’s ears saying: [I]“Carol’s got an MBE but I don’t have anything…”[/I]


You lot are disgusting.


It is worth bearing in mind that the cadet forces volunteer efforts are rewarded with the Cadet Forces Medal for 12 years meritorious service. Many volunteers have no recognition for their time and effort.

We also received the QGJM and QDJM.


You are mis-spelling! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would guess that would be a teeny-weeny bit unpopular… :wink:


But the problem with the CFM is it’s only for uniformed staff. I think it’s high time CIs got formal recognition of their service with a medal.

The bigger joke with the CFM is that you have to apply for it and cite your qualifying service. Because I don’t think HQAC have a Scooby. A large number of WW2 veterans I know and knew, didn’t/don’t wear medals because they had to apply for them. I didn’t realise I was up for a second bar, until someone said I was.


I don’t see why.

Merit where merit is due.

If the citation is related to work around setting up the RAF Families then yes, a bit late perhaps, but yes. But anything related to the ATC, no. I cannot think of one positive thing that’s happened in the last 6/7 years worthy of such an award. Other than as suggested above been doing the job for a while and up for something.

I’ve never really understood why so many in the military and civil service get these awards for little more than doing a job. If they’ve contributed to other things in their own time, then that should be a civilian award. There are lots who do things for ex-service charities etc, which should be civilian awards, the same as those charity members who get them.
By the same token that the unformed staff get CFMs, there are many medals for service in theatre and for acts above and beyond, such that there is no need for whatever for doing a job, right up to knighthoods, because you have a certain rank.