History of the ATC

Just had this little Gem gifted to me from my Dad, who has an EBay search for historic aircraft publications.

Air Training Corps Gazette, Dec 1945 - the issue where the news that the ATC will be part of a peacetime RAF was announced.

A quick flick through and there are some really interesting items, a few toothpaste and shaving cream adverts, and a little bit of “aircraft porn”.

Absolutely fantastic.


Interesting signature block at end of article…
“Director General of the ATC”.

so there is precedent then.

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I wonder when it got reduced from 3* to 1*. Meanwhile, the RAF has shrunk significantly but still has a 4* CAS.

On the CAS front I don’t see that ever changing, if only for the prestige element of being equal with other 4* led militaries. If it really came to it we could make like the AUS/CAN militaries and have CDS as 4*, with VCDS, service chiefs and Commander UKSTRATCOM as 3* posts. But that would be a very sorry sign of the state of things…

And yeah I think it would be somewhat laughable to even contemplate promoting TK to 2*… That way ACAS wouldn’t be able to overrule him quite so easily, and we’d be doing even less activities!

Also 4* reflects the responsibilities carried not just number of personnel under command.

I’m sure I read somewhere that Typhoon or Tornado delivers more ‘effect’ on target than a Lancaster but with a crew of 1 or 2 rather than 7.


…but after 3 trips becomes a hangar queen for 3 months :slight_smile:
(TK or Typhoon?.. take your pick :slight_smile: )

I’ve just been reminded of the wejohns.com site that shows the cover of so many Gazette issues
Air Defence Cadet Corps Gazette and Air Training Corps Gazette featuring the work of Captain W E Johns

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Think I can see Teflon on the Jan 42 cover :rofl:

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Picking up the second bar to his CFM


Although it’s true that modern capabilities deliver much more effect with fewer platforms and personnel, the size of the force does come into play. Some of the international chiefs we host at RIAT are ‘only’ colonels but still have all the responsibilities associated with commanding their nation’s air force.

Whilst it isn’t necessary for CDS to outrank the sS chiefs, as that isn’t how the CoC works, it would make sense for a sS chief becoming CDS to actually get a promotion out of it. Then again, by the same logic there should be at least four classes of warrant officer.

At least they’ve given the top warrant officer a laurel wreath now, if not a pay rise haha.

Taking a leaf out of the RAFAC play book. “Your reward is a new rank slide”

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This is more like what we should be reading these days: ‘The surest way of preventing war is to show the world that we are ready for it should any Power dare to challenge us in the future.’ I wonder whom he meant by that?

Or the purpose of having an Air Training Corps: ‘…the first link in the chain of the production of recruits [for] both air crews and ground services in the regular and non-regular forces.’

No whiny-sounding ‘We’re not a recruitment service for the Royal Air Force’ in those days!
Not that we’ve got much of an air force anymore: it’s so small everyone probably knows each other on first name terms. That’s why it’s so hard to join the Armed Forces these days. It must be like being chosen to be on a playground football team. If the clique of cool and sporty kids don’t want you on their side, forget it! :nerd_face: