Help us shape the Air Cadet website

I’m working on a project to redesign the RAFAC website and merge it with the RAF website (while still keeping us separate as a microsite).

To do this, we want to hear from cadets, CFAV, parents, and anyone else who has a relationship with the organisation. We’re especially keen to hear from new cadets or volunteers, to understand how they used the website when joining us (if at all).

We’re really lucky that the RAF is funding a company who are specialists in user research to help us with this. They are looking for people who are willing to take part in a 40 minute interview to help us learn more about their experience of using the website.

These interviews will take place during April and May, and can be carried out via video call or over the phone.

You can sign up to give your feedback online, or drop me a message / comment below if you’d like to know more (or have anything you’d like to share straight away).

We’ll be sharing this on cadet and volunteer portal, as well as Sharepoint and social media too, as we want to get as many and as broad a group of interviewees as possible. There will be other ways to help further down the line.

Thank you for supporting our research.


There’s nothing wrong with the current website, it just needs to be kept up-to-date, accurate and fresh.


The parent service website is pretty dynamic.

If it is going to link in then why not go for a similar look and feel, with the main focus on showcasing what we offer cadets.

The squadron finder/contact is absolutely essential.


First and foremost it should properly reflect the current air cadet experience and change as that changes.

If youngsters look at this and come to sqn expecting to do what is mentioned on site, no wonder some are disappointed. I think a caveat that what individual sqns can do, depends on the qualifications and interests of the staff on the sqn, would be a good start.


I think what really needs to be built in to any future RAFAC projects is update of the website, it seems to have been overlooked in the past. Pretty sure the flying and gliding for example is using terminology from at least before PTS. Pretty sure it was introduced during my first time as a CFAV 20 odd years ago

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Will the squadron finder be improved? It’d fantastic if it took the enquirer’s post code and gave them the nearest squadron (based on road distance). I think it may be looking at part of the post code area and allocating a squadron according to that. An enquiry for someone in my squadron’s village is being sent to another squadron miles away.

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Heres a pretty good example to copy. Its too the point, not full of rubbish we dont need. Focuses on recruitment whilst giving an overview of the org. Must all be about recruitment and simple to get involved… Also could we change the register interest to go to nearest sqn oc rather than WHQs… Will 100% speed up getting them in the door which 1000000% needs to be the priority


@AlexCorbin the existing register of interest can already be updated, it is down to each wing how it is handled, some have it going to a volunteer and some have it going to permanent staff. The OC Wing and WExO just need to agree and then liaise with HQ Media.

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Thanks… Didnt know that, school day and all that

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Lol, bet most wings don’t know that.


Ive just heard horror stories how this is managed…

I think the current approach is for a wing wide, rather than per unit.

For us it goes to the E2 who then forwards to OC / Adj of the unit.

I could power automate this for them thinking about it



Wing probably do know, but it would relinquishing the need to play God in terms of where they want people.

When it comes to staff ‘recruitment’ include the process new staff go through and how long it takes, and the repetition, so that they come in eyes wide open.

I clicked that pesky Army Cadets link… Now I’m getting Army Cadet spam adverts all over the shop!! Grrrr!!

Their website has definitely improved though!!


And their substantial media budget and excellent execution obviously works then

Nearly worked. I completed the Adult Expression of Interest form. Then had a word with myself and clicked “back”! :wink:


Side note just to say thanks for everyone who signed up. The company we’re working with have booked lots of interviews and have said they’ve never had this much engagement for user research with any of their private or public sector clients.

Still time to sign up, and there will be other surveys down the line to shape what it could look like and do, before we move to the build stage.


Update: We have a follow-up survey

This new survey should take just a couple of minutes (unless you have loads of written feedback to give).

Following the interviews we’ve undertaken, we’re trying to prioritise the needs parents, CFAV and cadets called out. You can also flag needs you think have been missed.


All done!

It would be nice if as in keeping with the raf careers website we could lay out all the different roles:


With some nice photography and a details on what each role does.