Greens Boots Issue

Hello everyone.

I have a bit of an issue with my Greens boots. The leather has started to peel off and it’s now quite visible. I am concerned this will affect my scores in Uniform Inspections etc.

Is there any fix for this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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There probably isn’t a fix for it…time to replace unfortunatley.

Given boots are private purchase if you are getting marked down for that because that’s all you have or can afford then i would have no time for that person what so ever.

Although…it does mean your boots are no longer fully waterproof and you may experience wet feet at somepoint.


I don’t think there’s anything you can do about this. I was give a 12 year old pair of boots and within two days of constant wear the soles we’re basically non-exsistant and I had to give them back.

You’ll just have to wear them for as long as you can before you can buy a new pair, or wear a pair of trainers (if that’s ok at your squadron, it’s what I currently wear because I can’t get a new pair)

Can you post a picture of the problem?

There might be a fix, but there might not be. The immediate fix is to have a private chat with your OC to say ‘look sir, I know my boots are inshape, but it’s not fair that I’m being punished for something that my parents can’t afford to replace’…

(it doesn’t matter whether your parents can afford to replace them or not, what matters is the principle that the ATC should not be discriminating against cadets who’s parents can’t/won’t just lob a pair of shiny new Alt-bergs on the credit card. By doing this you are reminding (gently) your OC of this, and sticking up for cadets at your Sqn who are less confident than you.)


Your last paragraph is the most important one.

Personally I would just cover it in polish :blush:

I lost my toecaps on a pair of boots from the assault course once and they did exactly the same, but I kept them black


You can buy leather dye - it’s horrible stuff to get off, do it in the garden in old clothes with lots of newspaper. Covers this kind of stuff quite well.

It’s cheap leather I’m afraid - the S8 Assault Boot (which your boots appear to be) were designed and built to be bought by the MOD for £12 (yes, twelve pounds…) a pair. There’s another boot in circulation called the pro-boot or cold weather boot: the leather was a higher quality than the S8, but it was paid for with a sole being made of a rubber compound that disintegrated into a black, rubber sand like substance after a couple of years storage…

Black sharpie then polish over


Thank you for all advice.

I have spoken to a Corporal who is going to speak to the Cadet Warrant Officer and tell them all of the uniform issues on Squadron. I am hoping to be issued new boots.

Thanks again.

If your CWO gives you grief still about it make sure you raise it with the staff team

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Looks like they are just old. Those assault boots haven’t been made in many years. When they were made, they were made by the lowest bidder. They actually came with a very limited shelf life, and these look like the real thing (old) rather than a modern reproduction. While some batches were excellent, comfy and lasted a while, many just fell apart with little use. The “tricks” mentioned above may temporarily disguise the issue but not solve it. The boots need replacing I’m afraid.

Modern boots are made to a much higher standard. It might be worth finding even a used pair online if you want to replace them yourself. I personally don’t go for used boots but if you have a limited budget it is an option. If there is a money issue, explain this to your staff. If they want you in decent boots they should be able to help out.


As others have said, at least give them a good polish.

You should not be marked down because the boots are old and the leather is peeling… So long as you’ve done your bit by taking care of the boots and polishing them (just ‘brush polishing’; no need for a high shine here) then you’re good.

The only reason I would expect someone to be marked down for boots is if they’ve not cleaned and polished them.

Looks like they have not seen much polish

I’m inclined to agree.

The really important question is why is “green” (or as I prefer, to call it “cabbage patch”) uniform even being inspected? It’s what you wear if you’re going to do potentially scruffy and/or strenuous activities. I’m pretty sure that the field craft types would advocate no polished boots and no sharp creases that could make you stand out in the field (only 1 pun intended!) Unless of course there’s a cabbage patch-A uniform for ceremonial use and a cabbage patch-B uniform for, well, playing with mud pies in a cabbage patch?


Definitely inspect for servicabillity and cleanliness…but I wouldn’t contribute it to any score mechanism at all

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Correct wear and serviceability. Even the drilly types wouldn’t want to see creases.

Boots clean and yes, polished. How else do you care for boots? Polishing with the correct Polish or wax/grease keeps the leather in top condition and maintains the boot’s overall performance and life (of some importance since many are privately purchased).

I don’t score it, but the kit still has to be looked after and worn correctly.

As for polishing, just an “on” brush while in the field.

“Fieldcraft type” here - look after yo’ darn boots!

The TA on the reserves day stand today had creases in trousers and sleeves