Gift idea for a FLT LT

So i was wondering if anybody had any ideas of where and what would be a good goft for FLT LT . This guy has gone through alot over the years and alot of the time hes had no volunteers etc and has had to do everything and attend everything himself until just recently. Also In the large area/region it is the only squadron left still going and its quite rural as well. The cadets would really like to give him something as a thank you for everything hes done for them over the last 10to15years. Hes such a nice guy honestly would help anybody and never complains. So any ideas would be really grateful obviously cost is an issue due to them been cadets and also i myself am only a volunteer and couldn’t purchase something really much.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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First of all like anything set a budget, but you can make a “trophy/gift” out of nearly anything if you have the right contents. Depends on his interests but you can find old RAF aircraft parts on ebay that could be made into a presentable gift or a watch/pen/themed cup. If he is staying with the Squadron though and not retiring personally (don’t take this the wrong way) he shouldn’t be getting gifts for doing what is in effect his job. Yourself and another over 18 could write up a citation (doesn’t cost anything), if he has really gone above and beyond via the Gov honours link or through your CoC obviously not him.


So - and from personal experience - some of my best OC gifts I received:

  • Personalised Squadron thermal mug. It had the squadron crest and my name and rank. Gets used regularily so there is aways the memory there
  • RAFAC parker pen - it has the RAFAC logo and my squadron number and name on it - again it gets used all the time
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And why should a good OC etc not get a gift from cadets - teacher get end of year presents. I’ve had a variety of thoughful gifts over the years, squadron pictures, the above mentioned. And by the way, it’s not HIS JOB - anything a CFAV does is over the norm. We have to stop this nonsense that being a CFAV is our job - everyone who volunteers with the RAFAC is extra-ordinary compared to those who sit at home and just go to work. Maybe if we got more appreciation from the cadet and parents we wouldn’t have such a high turn over.


I can see it from both sides, I don’t understand the teachers getting end of year presents. Granted I don’t work with kids as a full time job but I don’t get a present for doing my job by my staff but its a different culture and sector although the whole kids giving teachers gifts must be fairly new concept probably adopted from the Americans.

Regarding the OC to get back on point, if he is hitting his TORs but nothing in additional he is doing his job as a CFAV OC, you don’t have to take on the role, he chose to do it.

Although not saying that he shouldn’t get a gift but it always has potential for future down the line problems. What if you have another good OC how do you compare them both and then is the gift based on how well they have done or personal preference at the time. What about other CFAV positions or civ comm positions too. Never forget the Mr dependable 40 odd year service CI or treasurer as they usually get taken for granted (and I am no where near being one of them)

But saying that I would be happy with a shiny pen or mug!

Having recently seen the joy a cadet had on his face while presenting a CI with a gift, it’s as much a therapy for the gifter as it is a nice gesture to receive.

Putting it in context of adults working together in a professional environment misses the point that our cadets are feeling an impact on their lives that they aren’t getting elsewhere, and it’s important to (some of) them to show their gratitude as a way of repaying the kindness.

…what’s normal to use as “part of the job” and “just another day” that we’ve seen countless times before is extraordinary and hugely influential to them.

As for a good gift for a long term OC, something personal(thoughtful, not too generic), useful or relevant to their other interests, or linked to the squadron - pick at least 2 in combination.

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do u know where to get the thermal mug personalised with our squadron etc?
Also any ideas wherre can i actually access official pictures of the sqaudrons badge as the ones i do have are quite blurry

Thats the thing we have no long term serving civ com or CI etc the oc has been the only stable long term staff there has been. He had to do all the roles and jobs himself as no adj or trg off etc previously. Given up alot of his time to take the cadets to things to make sure they dont miss out and if he didnt go they couldn’t go and all this while having a new born baby. Also seen all the squadrons close in our region yet he kept this one rural one going.

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A squadron plaque is a nice parting gift that can be displayed… i have been CO of six squadrons, but have never received one.
The norm is an engraved tankard !


where would u get 1 of the plaques made?

The recognised experts for plaques are CH Munday Ltd…

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Anybody any other IDs please

We have used this company to create a personalised gift and they are not hugely expensive

The regulars use them as well as my son had a commemorative gift on leaving a posting, created by this company

If I tried to put up a Squadron plaque my wife would stab me in the throat.

I was also told I couldn’t put my Flt Lt Daws Officer Commanding nameplate on the bedroom door.

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oh yes the classic useless tankard that usually ends up in the loft and never seen again lol

Yeah, that’s why I much preferred my thermal mug lol

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You get gifts??? Obviously on the wrong Unit :sob:

I agree with you if pewter but disagree if glass.

A glass tankard engraved with Sqn badge, persons name & suitable phrasing can go down quite well & is a practical keep sake likely to be appreciated.

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A sqn challenge coin kind of idea from moi with a brief inscription on the back but with your sqn on.

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Or even these…since they’re needed but not supplied