Gazetting Query

My understanding is that RAFAC Officers have to complete OIC and have served for one year post appointment before they are gazetted and their commissioning scrolls issued, the entry in the London Gazette being backdated to their date of appointment.

In the Gazette however I’ve noticed many cases of officers appearing within a much shorter timescale - see example below

Why are officers appointed in May, August etc appearing in October ?

Perhaps people who didn’t need to do a probation/OIC? Formerly commissioned officers in the regulars?

I commissioned April this year and did OIC very recently. I haven’t been Gazetted yet.

Why is there someone being gazetted into the VRT.


Because, as advertised, they will be pilots of tutors.

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I was appointed APO in May 18… completed OIC in Jan 19 and wore Plt Off from then on.

HQAC Personal Bulletin dint promote me until May 19

I was gazetted with the date May 19.

It’s like the probationary 12 months doesn’t really count :thinking::thinking:

If that’s the case (and I believe you) they need to rewrite their appointment letters. And we should not be saluting APOs. It’s almost as if we should have introduced a genuine Officer Cadet rank…

‘73, surely?

Doesnt make it right

In theory possible, but very unlikely to be the reason as AP1919A says

“ 12.Rank on Entry.

Newly commissioned officers will normally enter in the substantive rank of plt off with seniority from the date of approval by the Comdt RAFAC. Officers who have previously held commissions may enter in a higher rank as follows:

a.Applicants who have held fg off or higher rank in the RAF, the RAFR or the RAuxAF may enter in the substantive rank of fg off.

b.Applicants who have previously served as commissioned naval or army officers may, if specially recommended, enter in the substantive rank of fg off provided that they have held commissions in the equivalent or higher rank

c.On re-commissioning those who have previously held the substantive rank of fg off in the RAFVR(T) or CFC may enter in that rank.“

I can’t see that there has been a flurry of ex-Pilot Officers (or equivalent) leaving HM Forces to join RAFAC.

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What are you on about? This was very clearly promulgated and discussed and has been for what, 2 years now? It is because of the listing of the aircraft on the military register blah blah. Go and research it on here if you’re not sure.

Keep this thread for the discussion that was actually started.

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I was commissioned in May 17 (to VRT), listed in the Gazette June 17, did my OIC Nov 17. My promotion to Fg Off took longer to be gazetted, promoted May 19, listed August 19

In fact the opposite- It’s because the Tutors are on the Civil Register, per Article 145 of the Air Navigation Order :

Flight crew licence requirement – exception for members of HM Forces

  1. A person may act as a member of the flight crew of an aircraft registered in the United Kingdom without being the holder of an appropriate licence if, in so doing, the person is acting in the course of his or her duty as a member of any of Her Majesty’s naval, military or air forces

Ok but you get my point. I just got it the wrong way around :smile:

Apologies for diverting the topic slightly, but does anyone happen to know when those of us that were kicked out of the VR(T) branch and recommissioned into the RAFAC will get gazetted?


Think that will be sometime in 2053


Can I please remind you; quite-aside from the method of ‘removal’, when you use the term “VR(T) branch”, you are continuing to accidentally-perpetuate a fundamental almost-universal misunderstanding.

Officers with ‘VRT’ commissions had (or have) commissions in the Training branch of the RAFVR. That is a statement of inarguable legal fact.

Specifically, they did not/do not/and never have had ‘a VRT branch commission in the RAF’, because such a statement is a logical impossibility.

They have NOT served IN the RAF, nor have they been commissioned in that Force by being commissioned into the the RAFVR (unless through previously or subsequently having directly-served in the RAF).

I find it very worrying that so many people (now, and previously) are still constantly-misunderstand this aspect of VRT service or commissioning.

For the umpteenth time: the only people that are, were, are, or will ever be, RAF Officers, are: RAF Officers.

Current or former RAFR/RAuxAF/RAFVR/WRAF/RAFAC Officers are NOT RAF Officers by dint of that service alone: but they are all Air Force officers, commissioned / appointed / gazetted into each of these specific formations- not directly in the Royal Air Force.


Like @wilf_san has said above i also believe that our VR Commissions are still ‘live’ for want of a better word. This whole situation is a fudge and the commissioned officers of the ATC in 2017 were fed a pack of lies and unit AP1919 is published we will not know where we stand.


I’m sure there was an order from the Air Force Board requiring the relinquishment. If you think you’ve still got it find something to make a service complaint about and see what the outcome of that is.

Out of curiosity,

I comissioned back in April and passed OIC in October. When can I expect to be Gazetted?

I feel like I’m not using the website properly, but I’m sure I haven’t been Gazetted yet.