Fundraising Requiring Civcom Presence


Hi all,

Recently our wing has said that any time we go fundraising a member of the civilian committee must be present.

Can anyone tell me why, or at least give me any reference to where that’s come from?


Never heard that one; ask for the document in writing.

Hope they’re DBS cleared :wink:


Local policy for sure


Yet another example of a wexo or Wg Cdr creating local policy to crack with a sledge hammer what has probably been a very small problem.

Ask them exactly why in writing and then go to your Reg Comandant and ask them to confirm in writing from Pers team at Cranwell what is correct.

Should at least stir the pot for a while!


It might be related to money handling.

Unless it’s collecting for Wings or Poppy as they are sealed tins and purely donations. I don’t do any fund raising for the squadron without someone from the CWC being there, no CWC no fundraising for the squadron where cash is concerned. They take the money and it’s not for me to worry about. TBH we have enough to worry about, without money coming into the equation.


Would this include fundraising for RBL or RAFA?? I can see the civcom being really happy as they go out street collecting, rugby matches, races etc!!!


Acp 11 has a cash handling certificate that the civ com can issue.
Protects both parties.


I’ve got one of those but only see it for money that comes into the squadron such camp fees, tuck etc, not out on the street fundraising.
TBH I think it’s good for the CWC to know the cadets and vice versa and not be some mystical entity spoken of and not seen or heard of, on both sides. Also I don’t think it’s a bad thing for cadets and some staff to know where the money comes from and how hard it can be to get it.
Before anyone gets all safeguarding, if the cadets are out like that there would have to be at least 2 members of staff there as well.


Had the chair get all the civ com as RCivCom.
Ticks every box then.


You are a sadist.
I’ve seen these used in ways that I think is despicable, just because we can’t recruit “proper staff”.
Reg CWC is a bit like the hair-brained idea a few years ago where we could ask a parent to be the adj.


To be clear I’m not against members of the civcom being present and doing their bit. What I’m questioning is that they’ve been told any fundraising we do they have to be present. ACP10/11 doesn’t mention it and I read charity commission guidance yesterday and it doesn’t say that has to happen either. I was wondering if anyone else had heard that message and if they knew where it came from.


Is someone against Civ Com’s and is trying using this device to squeeze them out?


Or Civ Comm Chair…


Which is not in either ACP.


Well no, because it’s the Wing Civcom that has told them. So that makes no sense. It does give us an issue though because they won’t turn up to the majority of our fundraisers normally.


My money is on this being a Wing or Region Chair having had a bright idea.


We are being encouraged to challenge local policy invention as it increases the old admin burden - either raise it with the chain or ask the question on VoV :+1:


I could understand it if they said
At a bagpack once you are finished a Civcom member should be there to receive the money and a CFAV shouldn’t take it away home with them, to have Civcom there all the time is asking a bit much especially as most do it as a favour to staff friends.


We had a bag pack and we made sure there was at least one CC member there through the time. Money is all put together and box locked. It’s only opened once back at the Sqn for the CC to count through, did very much the same at another Sqn close by. I wouldn’t have been happy if there wasn’t a CC member there to take the money, and I do not know the rules on if any members had to be present or not.


Thats how we do it. Or if they cant be there it is double counted with a witness and locked away until the next avaliable opportunity to hand it over.