Fundraising Requiring Civcom Presence


Two people should count it anyway, regardless.


The amount of money involved in most bag packs it’s a team effort to count it all.

I think it depends on the unit and the situation, at my old unit staff and Civ Com counted the money together and then I as the OC used to take it and put it in the safe until their was a chance for the Civ Com to take take it to the bank. (We used to bag pack on a Christmas Eve). Now by the strict rules the Civ Com should have taken it, buts what’s more secure the Treasurers Study or the OC’s Safe?


IME we organised a bag pack - Cadets and ALL Civcom turned up, but NO uniforms so we cancelled because the Civcom has never been authorised to supervise Cadets in any situation.

And it is Civcom who should arrange these things as they are the fundraisers - that bit came in 2016.
And as for counting the money, maybe it is a good thing to share the job, for verification purposed but some posts make it sound as if they dont Trust the Trustees, who are after all responsible by statute whereas a Uniform is not, and the cash handling certificate is something within the Treasurer’s remit, but if the Civcom pull together you dont need uniform help in counting or securing money, beside which Civcom do not, and cannot have, access to Sqn premises to suit themselves.

In a recent case, someone thieving charity money has won a three year holiday - the judge saying that donors had an expectation that charity money is not stolen - and I think that should include all instances of misappropriation.