Fuel claims

I put in a fuel claim in July and guess what had it returned requesting me to sign a form confirming I have business class insurance this is for over 300 miles of fuel which I have already paid for and causing financial issues the thought I will have to wait another 2 months is not acceptable if they want these forms filled why not when we submit them?

Did you tick the box which states that the vehicle was insured in accordance with ACP300 FI 311?

Yes all done. So don’t understand and will it be dealt with any quicker when it returns?

Yes it will be dealt with pretty quickly if you sent it directly back to HQAC and it had already been stamped.

Apparantly there is an audit of business class insurance so suspect this may effect more people.

Call me dense but why do we need business class insurance to travel to and from a sqn? Is it because we claim travel costs?

Yes. It’s strongly indicated that not having business insurance (with the view you will claim mileage) is a traffic offence. This is nothing to do with the ACO, they are just being a “diligent authority” and checking that the claims they pay meet the terms of law, otherwise they would be collusive to the offence.

It’s not for home to duty it’s for carrying cadets in your veichle, you must have business class 1 to transport cadets in your car.

im sure its any mileage claim. Would need to check ACP300 tomorrow

When I worked for HMRC it was the same, you needed Business use for any official mileage.

The difference was it took 7 days from submitting the claim to getting it in the bank

Why is it I get 45p/mile at work for the first 10000 (which seems to be the business standard) and we only get 25p regardless in the ATC?

I expect it is all do with budgets .

A charity I worked for until recently paid 40p per mile.

I am not sure if the 25p (or is it 29p) per mile the ATC pays even covers the running costs of a vehicle.

Two rates. 25p per mile for getting two and from, often called the public transport rate. The other is 40/45p, often called the private car rate/official rate. As HTD are going from/to, the 25p rate applies. Anything else should be 40/45p except you’d be lucky to get that these days. I used to get it as Camp Com, but now we use hire cars.

IIRC the 25p rate was introduced because apparently it somehow equates to rail fares?

Sort of. Every year the (RAC?) used to do some kind of calculation of various fixed journies, and the rates on various methods of travel, inc of fuel oil costs and came up with a sum. I remember years ago getting reminders each year saying the rate remain unchanged, despite the cost of fuel oil rocketing to unpresendented levels, then it all went quiet.

ACP300 now indicates only Motor Milage Allowance and Home to Duties exist. The MMA is paid at Private Car Allowance rate of 25p per mile.

any company/organisation can choose their own rate per mile.

this could be 5p or 45p.
the government have capped the cost at 45p/mile else you’re then benefiting too much and it needs to be “taxed”

if a company is not paying the “full” amount of 45p/mile you can claim the remainder from the Government, i believe an annual thing as part of the “tax returns” system. you can then claim the additional 20p (in our case) for each mile covered.

employers, companies, organisations are not bound to offer mileage, and so choose their own limits

see here

[quote]HMRC sets what it calls ‘Approved Mileage Rates’ and if the rate your employer reimburses you for mileage is lower than the HMRC’s approved rates, then you will be entitled to tax relief on the difference. This tax relief is referred to by HMRC as Mileage Allowance Relief, and there are three different mileage rates to cover different types of vehicle: the rate for vans and cars is set at 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p per mile after that; motorcycles at 24p per business mile, and bicycles at 20p per mile.
You can backdate your mileage allowance claim by up to 4 years.[/quote]

(a very quick calculation for my 12 mile round trip to Unit and back, on an assumed 7 nights a month I stand to be entitled to claim £800 back…that is just HTD, not the other random trips I claim for weekend events…#justsaying)

MMA must mean MILITARY Mileage Rate as all the real (HMRC) guidance documents and after speaking to one of our personnel bods refer to 45p/mile for the first 10000 and 25p thereafter. Even the people I know who work in local govt get 45p as does a woman in a school who visits pupils. It seems we are and have been short changed in the ACO if not wider for sometime.

I too remember some guff about the rate being aligned to rail ticket prices, which is why our company (unless you don’t drive) never uses the railways as it costs a bloody fortune (in time as well) compared to car hire / use and subsequent fuel claims.

Steve, slightly wrong there. You can claim the tax back on the difference, not the difference itself.

Don’t forget you lose the first 6 miles on any HTD claim.