FPV Drone flying

I’ve been thinking about starting up FPV Drone flying at the squadron and wondered if anyone has any advice/experience/thoughts about anything (dangerous I know)

RAFAC and CAA guidance and the “Drone Code” don’t apply to indoor flying of drones, so I was looking at getting a few FPV kits such as the BetaFPV Cetus Kit. then setting out courses around a classroom to fly and do time-trials etc

Anyone have any thoughts or advice? Know any discounts of better value kits?

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Really good fun. If indoors the fun police can’t get you.

I’ve known of one or two that feel a bit sick on the goggles, but that is the exception not the rule.

Fantastic for “serious” teaching of principles of flight, balancing forces etc etc - or to just let loose and have some fun.

We set up in a large hall some obstacle courses for our mini 2’s and had them race each other.

For the very minor expense of 1 set of blades on a very small bump it was well worth it - cadets had a great time.

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They look pretty awesome.

Think I’d buy a few extra sets of batteries.

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This is good advice. Our mini 2 we got the extra 3 bay charging battery packs for each drone. Works well.