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Can anyone point me in the right direction or send me a F7109. I have recently been advised that a demand I submitted should have gone in on this form but cannot find it on SharePoint. Thankfully common sense prevailed and the request was passed this time but I’d like to get it right in the future.


I may have a digital copy of a F7109 on my laptop I wont know until tonight im afriad

Thanks Zinggy, I’m not it a great rush I just want to be able to use the right form next time round.

If I dont I can get hold of one if you PM me your email I will get one sent to you


Hope this Helps

Has anyone successfully used this to get anything out of stores? If so, can you post the process (i.e. do you just send it off, then go and collect, or are there other steps?).

Not yet as I didn’t have one, however I think its one of those things you can indent for whatever you want, if you have a NATO stock number for a GR4 go for it, but if your not scaled for it, you wont get it!

I had agreed with the appropriate section my entitlement/requirement for what I wanted and when requested it came through, albeit with a note saying in future to use the correct form, ie. this one.

we’ve had some cylumes/glowsticks, duck/elephant/jaffa tape and a selection of sturdy green boxes in various seized from stores using that form (or one similiar)

it was as simple as filing it in, and sending it off.

somehow a piece of paper appeared with what we were scaled for, with NSN, DofQ etc numbers on we chose a selection of items (above) we thought would pass through unquestioned and sure enough it was soon with us!

Got a copy of that piece of paper?

they can be fussy if you don’t provide the NSN’s for anything you require, but they won’t give you a list of them either.

To be fair its not their job to give you the NSN for items you want if you want something find the NSN in the AP that says you are entitled to it or off the item you want (keep a useful NSN book) can you imagine how much time they would spend looking up numbers for people

it may well be in stores still. i’m not working closely with the Stores Officer any more but there is a chance it is still there, i’ll take a look.
i’d hope it is in an AP somewhere, the piece we had looked like it had been alternated between photocopying and faxing a handful of times!

So, is there a list of useful stuff (like cyalumes, cam cream etc) in an AP somewhere with their NSNs? Any idea what AP it would be and I’ll try & find it?

I’d be interested to see a list of what our Sqn is scaled for and can order.

Couldn’t find anything in any AP, however a quick search on share point picked up these beaut’s. Not sure if stock numbers a current though but worth a try.I am trying to link/upload but not letting me, will keep trying. If not search ‘NSN’ & ‘Stock Numbers’.

Did you mean to attach something?

Yeah, trying to but don’t know why it won’t do it.

i would expect there to be a list of what we are entitledto/scaled for.

like i say the list was of poor quality and i suspect came from a neighbouring Sqn’s CI who has a contact at the local RAF Stores which would go someway to explain the poor resolution of said list

If you speak to some Squippers they have it in their Survival aids AP it might be AP 108C-0001-2®2.

However I have been out for 2 years now so might be the wrong AP…

But the best bet would to find some cam cream or whatever you want and they will have the NSN or section ref on the item

NSN 6850-99-891-6686 thats green brown and black Cam cream

NSN 6269-01-218-5146 Green 12 hour Cylume (is That how you spell it?)

Just got these of a mate of mine still in if you need more let me know and I will see what I can do but I dont want to take the p out of him so nothing crazy!