Form 80e - why does it not work?

Why when I open the form I only get half the form in edit mode? GMG

Are you opening it on a mobile device by any chance? or in office online?

Downloaded to PC and then opened in Desktop Word

Ah… don’t suppose you can share a link?
We’ve not started using it yet

20240206-Accts Form 80e.docx
Found it in several places on Sharepoint but same result each time

Hmmm, opens fine web and desktop for me.
Possible view setting somewhere?

You have paragraph formatting turned on. Turn it off.

This is becoming a problem, so many forms are set with features that only work on one type of program/app. If this form had been written on the online version of word there wouldnt be the problem with it.
Another form where features can be problematic when using online versions is the 5010 where the date selector wont work.
We are provided with access to Office online that should be the only system that is used. This would prevent this lottery of opening stuff and finding these issues.


It’s such a badly designed form… I had the same issue as soon as I entered an AT reference number so I had to remove the restricted editing and fix it myself.

The issue, by the way, is that the layout is set to 2 columns, and needs to be set to 1.


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Why is it even AT reference number still?!

Something to do with Adventure Training?

Nah, so before PIPEs and SMS approvals etc, you could get AT events approved, and you’d get an AT reference number. I think that is what it is still referring too. A very old system.

It should really now just say ‘SMS Event Reference’ or something similar.


FYI, it looks like the Accts Form 80e has been updated. It is now a PDF with fillable areas. Also the bit I noted above about AT reference has now been changed to just ‘reference’.

It looks better too!


Is everyone meant to use this now or just some regions?

I think everyone?

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Staged roll out I believe.
Not been announced yet in my region

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With all email addresses covered, given this is a public forum.

We had an email late last year saying it was coming early this year. Not seen anything since except on here.

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Same, but we did get a detailed email for the 1771-e with who to email etc.
I’d expect the same for the 80e

Both F80e and 1771e are ‘de rigeur’ down our way, why doesn’t it surprise me that people are having issues?