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Not a penalty and I don’t think England deserve to get to the final. Honestly I reckon the Dutch deserve to be in the final and win it.

Watching it in a hotel bar with a regiment of REME based at the local US base…this is interesting.

We’ve only had 20 minuets. Penalty deserved or not, give it time.

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I think england seemed to have sorted their lives out

Ik zie dat Engeland eindelijk iets verandert en het lijkt erop dat ze willen winnen, oeps verkeerde taal

Certainly looking significantly better. But I’m a ‘casual’, so hard to judge :rofl:

It was a stone bonker penalty every day of the week and twice on a Sunday.

It was blatent

As a non footballer sitting in a pub, I’m getting two very strongly different opinions.

From what I can gather, any studs up/studs out is an absolute no-no now, so penalty makes sense.

It was soft, but technically the correct call

Looks like I’m booking leave for Monday!

As I was saying earlier, I can see England winning this and they fully deserve being in the final :melting_face:

Public health warning…

Spain are reaallllly good


Probably better than Italy were 3 years ago. I wouldn’t say impossible for England to win but definitely the underdogs

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Currently watching the 66 Cup Final on Channel 4

So, is it coming home? :face_with_peeking_eye:

No. And some other characters.