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Actually pulling away this year on the old fantasy league

1st on 2 and 2nd on my work one

I had a nightmare week or so where basically all of my defenders were injured.

What the hell is going at Spurs tonight

One of my team is there and is a spurs fan - i hope hes alive and kicking for our 7am meeting tomorrow

Could’ve been 3 Red Cards already.

At this rate he will be playing at the back for Spurs.

Top of the League in the Fantasy League

Off the bottom of the league in Fantasy League!

It’s been lonely down there.

Joint top with @AlexCorbin it’s a proper fight up there.

I’m also at the top of my other league, which is more important as it has money riding on it.

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Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Clearly I misjudged Fulham - Spurs

Ditto :frowning:

Thought id been cheeky this week but its gone tita up

Yep, annoyingly Castagne on the bench has been one of my subs throughout this season and every time I leave him out he scores well.

I also triple Captained Solanke last week :roll_eyes:

Liverpool :joy::joy:

Ever watch a game where you’re 1 goal up, dominant, and you just know something stupid and scrappy is going to ruin it?

It’s a shame Utd can’t use that to finally drag themselves into a positive goal difference in the league.

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Keeps on being interesting at the top of the Prem…

Any late season predictions from anyone?

Southampton providing their weekly heart attack.

Chuffed for Wrexham though

Not helped by the remaining results… it’s the hope that kills you

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Going to be last game of the season nail biting game