Fmt 600

Anyone know how I can arrange to get an FMT600. How do I book a course? Will I need a MOD90 to access site? (Im a CI). Where can I find the contact details for the MT section of my parent station? I only have a Cat B and will need to start booking 9 seater minibuses

Use the google to find the phone number of your parent unit, then ask for MT. Whoever they put you through to should answer all your questions but typically you would book a time to pop in to see the MT admin (or similar), they will go through the 600 with you including a matrix test and the signing of orders. For getting on base, as long as you’ve booked a time with MT, you should be able to rock up to the guardroom who will check your ID and issue you with a badge for you to get on.

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Perfect thanks, it will be Brize, how long does the test last? Will I be tested in my own vehicle?

It depends on the station. Any contact with MT on our Parent Station must go through Wing HQ, they will not speak to Sqn staff and god help anyone who phones them directly! Maybe phone Wing HQ and ask them first to save yourself some grief?

Station dependant - round my neck of the woods they’re fine with a phone call direct.

Just a matrix doesn’t take long (half an hour maybe) - pretty much the theory test but not as difficult.

If you want vans, etc then they may take you on a familiarisation and the timing of that can change but expect around 45 minutes.

I allowed a full day for mine FMT600 course.

the morning is theory - as mentioned the matrix test, there was a cheesy MOD in-house video (think climatic injuries) about being tired behind the wheel (the example was some squaddies on exercise and the driver had a 4 ton truck which came off the road - under pressure and orders to get the job done) and then the joy of MOD forms
first parade inspection
what to do in case of an accident/incident and the various forms
refuel process (local variations)
and that kind of thing.

break for lunch

An MT vehicle was allocated and then we (the class) go for a 45-60 minute drive per person (excluding the course instructor) after having gone through the practical side of checking the vehicle, what and how (first parade stuff) and where to refill oil/washer etc that may be low.

I was joined with a RAF regular so the two of us made for a short day. I was off base by 1500.

The matrix is an online test, done in advance of arriving at MT for the RAF MT Policy Breif.

Brize is a full day of powerpoints then 45 min drive in vehicles that you want on your fmt600

Off topic perhaps, but I feel this entire process is overblown.

A volunteer requires a white fleet vehicle of a type which they are entitled to drive by virtue of passing the necessary driving test. The vehicle will come from Thrifty (or whoever) and is no different to one that they could hire with their own money. The expectation that a volunteer will take a day off from their civilian occupation to enable this to happen because ‘that’s the way the RAF do it’ seems totally unnecessary, and costly to RAF and therefore to the taxpayer.

Agree, but I’m sure this is not a priority for HQAC to sort

These rules have been put in place after many accidents over many years.
If you don’t like the rules, don’t ask to use RAF/MoD vehicles!

Perhaps, but the rules have been put in place by military personnel for military personnel who can take time off their day jobs quite readily to attend a local facility for issue of the document. These rules present many more obstacles for cadet forces personnel.

Since the MOD are disinclined to provide a process that is more suitable for a remote, volunteer workforce then perhaps this organisation needs to be able to step away from Calamity/whitefleet and have access to vehicles that do not require FMT600 to drive.

Many aspects of transport provision have become significant obstacles over recent years, most visible for those of us with more significant distances to travel.

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Also remember that a FMT600 will only allow you to drive vehicles which are already on your civilian DVLA licence.

If you want to drive a minibus that requires a D1 category (and D1 is not already on your DVLA licence) your local parent RAF station will not be able to authorise you to drive this type of vehicle.

In this case you will need to attend a D1 course at Leconfield (which is a multi day course).

The Leconfield course isn’t the only way of getting a D1 on your driving license, though it is possibly the cheapest.

this i could accept if these accidents are CFAVs as well…

now I am not saying i hear about everything, but I know enough people and these boards light up quickly enough to comment should a CFAV be involved in an RTA…

how many of these incidents are CFAV related?
and what do these courses do to stop the accidents?
i have done my FMT600 and learnt nothing new about how to drive or how to avoid accidents. just how the MOD want me to drive with regard driving hours as i am an “employee on duty”

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So who is going to provide such a fleet, free of charge, with a fuel card and no separate insurance costs?
My unit uses MT vehicles and it ensures that my cadets pay nothing for transport and we can divert what we would spend on a Minibus, fuel, insurance etc into other areas!
If the only cost to our unit is some staff time jumping through MoD hoops, that is a price we are willing to pay! Add some choccies at Christmas to smooth admin over the rest of the year, and we think we are very fortunate!

We are very lucky to have an MT near us, not everyone has such a great resource nearby!
Please don’t take it away by complaining too much!

Such unrealistic demands!

Pay the separate insurance charge, just like a normal hirer.
Also, I have never had a fuel card for any service vehicle, either (infrequently) fuelling at MOD establishments or, for whitefleet, fronting the cost and reclaiming on an Accts Form 4. Form4 would obviously become the main method unless some form of fuel card could be arranged.

Good for you - we don’t.
I want a national system that will work just as effectively for everybody. I don’t mind if that overlays a local arrangement with a convenient base but currently it is more a case of the haves and the have-nots.

Ok, pay insurance and fees like a normal hirer. But my question remains, who will provide such a fleet?

Strange that a thread has moved from giving advice on how to get an FMT600 to complaining about the haves and have nots with regard to Minibuses and other vehicles being borrowed from the MoD!!