Flying Scholarships

Iberia a few weeks ago as well, that’s the bulk of IAG’s stable having run a scheme, TUI, list goes on.

Best time this side of 9/11 to become a pilot by the looks of it


Just an FYI for anyone put off by the EU bit, as a UK National you have the right to live and work in Ireland, so you can apply. There’ll be a huge number of people who don’t read the small print and just ignore it based on that alone… Get applying!


Common Travel Area from Irish Independence in 1922, predates the last unpleasantness and the common Market which has morphed unto the eu. Irish citizens can and do sign up for HM forces.


Bob’s right on this.

I’m a dual UK/Irish citizen as a consequence of the CTA and Ireland’s wider nationality laws.

To add to the CTA point, Ireland considers anyone born on the island or Ireland, including Northern Ireland, before 2005 (IIRC) to be an Irish citizen from birth (or “entitled to be” if born in NI, but it makes no practical difference).

Anyone who is a child of the above born outside of Ireland is automatically an Irish citizen so long as their parent was an Irish citizen, or was entitled to be one, by birth as per the above.

In my case, my dad was born in Belfast. Whilst he’s most definitely orange, I was able to use that fact to claim an Irish passport when Brexit happened and retain my EU rights.

If anyone reading this is in the same boat, you are already an Irish citizen and can just apply for an Irish passport to prove it. The only evidence you need is yours and your Irish-born parent’s birth certificate. You can then access ALL of the EU-based scholarships.


You don’t have to be in this organisation to fly The female aviator helping women get their wings - BBC News


Just a little bump if anyone has any cadets (or themselves!) interested.

BA opens for one week, from 19th Sept

Linky McLinkFace

Cadets? I’m applying for myself!


Speedbird Academy Webinar

Places are limited

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Speedbird Academy

Make sure you double check all the requirements!

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Just watch out, the system is crashing so they’ve recommended waiting a while to apply as so many people are doing it at once!

Deadline of 25 Sept - they’ve not left it open for long!

So what you’re telling me is I should have got my CV sorted before they opened, not after? :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :rofl:

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You’ve got another 6 days to knock one up and submit.

It’s literally what I’ve been doing this evening :wink:

Our RAvO will be running ‘brush up’ sessions for those that get past the initial screening process, which is nice :slight_smile:


The opportunity hasn’t even been mentioned by either our Wing or Region officers…

Well, I applied for the BA Speedbird Academy today, and also did the 3 online assessments. I guess we now wait and see!? I am honestly most interested in knowing how many people have applied!


AFAIK you’ve done well if you didnt immediately get a no thank you email

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Well that’s reassuring to hear :rofl:

Yes, it took someone I know just 45 mins to get the thanks but no thanks email!