Flying Scholarships

Is there a handy list somewhere if all flying/gliding scholarships available to cadets, and their entry requirements?

It’s been such a long time since we had an applicant I can’t remember.


ACTO 34 would be the first place I’d look

ACTO 34 - RAF Air Cadets Pilot Scheme and Other Flying Scholarships

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That and ask @MikeJenvey - pretty sure he had a list of scholarships not that long ago.

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So kind. :wink:

The details below were sent out about 18 months ago by our Wg Av O.

From those I have messaged in the last few months, everything is on Covid hold. We have an “in” with Air League, but nothing to report there yet.


This is great, thank you!

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I’ve seen the following Flying Scholarships advertised for females (17yrs +) who want to get into aviation!

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Looks interesting, but no info at all on eligibility. 18+? 17+? I got excited and thought I would send an email to units but there isn’t enough there yet.

Also, there are plenty of ACPS places for female cadets; the difficulty is getting them to apply.

Click on Criteria on the menu list and it’s all there. On the mobile page it’s at the top


The criteria for applications are as follows:

Female aged between 17 and 24 (must be at least 17 on 1 June).

British citizen and resident in the UK.

Demonstrate a serious ambition and ability to pursue an aviation-related career.

Availability to undertake and complete the Scholarship during summer 2022.

Educational achievements: demonstrable knowledge and/or experience in science, mathematics or other aviation related subjects.

Ability to satisfy the relevant medical standard to enable issue of a Class 2 Medical Certificate issued in the UK in accordance with Part Med. (The medical will be required in advance of interview for those selected).

Attend training at the Cambridge Aero Club between mid-July and mid-September 2022.

Thanks all, I was being dumb. I’ll send something out.