Flight Sim - Training/Program Materials

Flight Sim - Training/Program Materials

So it looks like I have the funds to get the kit. Next I better think about creating a Training Schedule/Program for the Air Scouts.

Any suggestions to get me started? Any materials I can pinch?

Many thanks

I wrote a load of Lesson plans a couple of years ago to allow my cadets to work through the ATC gliding scholarships on the Flight Simulator.
Feel free to download them and use.
I’ll PM you the log in details

great, I will have a look.

They are brilliant. Gives me a good structure to work from.

Mine are going to be younger so I might also create a logbook which can be used to tick off their progress, i.e sign-off each stage and then for them to record extra flights.

Any particular reason you went with FSX, not xplane?

I’m glad you think so! =]
Although all I have done was to convert the lessons that already existed in the scholarships into lesson plans.

Yeah a log book of some kind would be great for my cadets as well, but alas, I’ve never found the time to design one.

I will share once I get something done.

That would be awesome.

Been looking for to create something like this, but not sure where to start! I was going to look at the link, but alas, it’s broken. Does anybody have something similar lying around?

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what did it cost the sqaudron to get the kit requred?

Are you refering to the Flight Sim training lessons?
If so I’d suggest basing on our current aviation training package and the AEF sorties

Sortie No 1 – Air Experience. Exposes Air Cadets to flying in a cockpit environment, and the principles of flight.
Sortie No 2 – Effects of Controls Pt1 and Straight & Level. Demonstrates the effect of main flying controls for straight and level flight.
Sortie No 3 – Turning. Introduces and demonstrates a level turn at approximately 30 degrees of bank.
Sortie No 4 – Effects of Controls Pt2. Introduces effects of power and trimmer.
Sortie No 5 – Aerobatics. Shows the Air Cadet a loop and other basic aerobatic manoeuvres.
Sorties No 6 – NAVEX. Introduces pilot navigation concepts.

You mean the AEF syllabus that not even the AEF follow?

Surely if people are interested and want to gain a useful understanding of flying skills - (that could benefit a better understanding when undertaking flight training) - it would be better to use a PPL Syllabus?

Such as

Air Pilots PPL Training Program

Or ask a local flying school

There is a brief list of tasks /
sorties cadets can undertake on the Interactive Hub on Bader.

They’re all done for P3D but maybe some enterprising type could redo them for X-Plane or MS Flight Sim?

A sqn near us bought this Gaming PC they have this Joystick & Throttle and they use Prepar3D v4 £47
They can also run the new Microsoft Flight Simulator £47 flawlessly online

I’m sure you could find a similar or cheaper option for a Gaming Pc with the bits and bobs :man_shrugging: