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Just taken them out for a 10k. They took 3-4k to get used to them, as they have less forward roll over the toes than I’m used to, but I rate them so far.

The only thing I did note is that because they’re so wide and I’m flat-footed, they were a little loud. But that wasn’t anything really.

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Will keep my eye open when the sales start up, might grab a pair.

There is an Asics and Saucony clearance place at MacArthur glen now in Cannock which might be worth looking in, had my new Asics from there and got a good deal.

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Might have to pop in next time I’m passing through.

I usually grab some in January sales.

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Spotify serving up some old school Limp Bizkit leading to my fastest treadmill 5k in a while; almost cracked the 25 min mark but not quite.


Somehow, a completely unexpected PB (since restarting running) at this morning’s parkrun. With it being so cold, I knew I could be on for a good one but still wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was - 4 minutes faster than any time since starting keto!

Now nearly at the pace needed for the RAF treadmill entry test for my age range. Hopefully marathon training doesn’t take too much off my parkrun pace this time round.


Looked back through some charts and figures last night. Having lost over 11kg (24lbs) in under 8 weeks, I’m now only around ½ stone off my lightest ever weight since being medically discharged 14 years ago. I actually had to go out and buy a new belt last night as my jeans kept slipping down and I’m not trying to look like I’m from the hood…

Whilst I do still struggle with push-ups due to an old shoulder injury, my overall fitness is also increasing dramatically too. This week’s parkrun PB, whilst I couldn’t really run any faster, didn’t feel like I was at full effort and when I go out on steady-state training runs I feel like I can go on for ages.

It’s amazing what losing a little bit of weight can do not just physically, but mentally too.


First proper frozen run out this morning.
Forgot how much I like cold runs in the morning.

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Tromsø has a “Midnight Sun” marathon near the June solstice, I’d love them to do a “Midday Night” marathon near the December solstice or similar for precisely this reason; running in the cold just feels so much better than running in the heat.

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