First Class Training Ideas

I come from a training background and have been asked to produce new first class training resources for my wing. I summary, I am creating boxes with all of the resources needed for each of the first class modules which will then be produced and distributed to all of the squadrons in my wing. I have all the PowerPoint presentations which I have updated and consolidated, but am looking for practical or more ‘hands on’ ideas to use for each module to make them more interesting and relevant to our younger cadets.

Does anyone have any good ideas for each of the modules, or have any ideas I can steal? In return, this is ofcourse something I can give to others if it works well in my wing!

This is an example of one of the modules - ‘history of flight’. I have produced so far, but need some more practical activities for the other modules.


This looks amazing.

I started from scratch for PowerPoints for History of Flight, ATC, RAF & Airmanship (all available in ACC Drive) it was at this point i suddenly had less time available and didn’t get any further with the other subjects. Although Radio Comms is now covered by the Blue Badge Presentation.

Are you able to share the PowerPoints you have created, seeing as your Wing is onside here hopefully they will be pushed up to the Corps Training Officer and added to Ultilearn to help share best practice.

I have to say that this looks fantastic.

One of the things I found for Map reading is that the Ordananve Survey website has some useful downloads, best of which is a set of flash cards which can be laminated and we use it as a “pairs” game. So not only do the cadets have to find the matching pair they also have to tell us what the symbol is. Gets their brains workings a little and is a break from powerpoints.


Kudos to that man. Looks very professional.

I once found a great exercise about maps which involved cadets acting as emergency room responders. You simulate a problem on a road and they have to use grid references to direct “emergency services” to the incident.

Allows for practical use of radios, gets them to practice grid references and map symbols and general teamwork :slight_smile:


Following this as I’m in the process of overhauling ours

I must say this looks fantastic! Love shared practice!

This is still a work in progress, but people are very much welcome to follow what I have done so far here:

I have also created a first class revision guide that can be used for consolidation or to cover gaps if a cadet was absent. It is only good for the pass criteria questions so far. That’s here:
Please feel free to use it, but if you would like to suggest any changes/ find any typos let me know! This is in the process of being printed so every squadron in my wing will receive three copies. I’ll put a higher quality, printable copy on ACC Drive soon!

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Cracking resource - well done that man.

That looks absolutely fantastic!

One bit of feedback and it’s just me being picky, in the revision guide under uniform you talk about the jumper not being worn in summer. From a personal point of view I would say “in warm weather” instead as cadets for some reason still get it into their head that shirt sleeve order has set dates!

You can rest assured that we will be using your hard work at my Squadron!

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Looks good.

On the map reading I’ve used Brent Knoll, Somerset as my example of a knoll for years (saw it on family hols at Brean Sands years ago), the example the ATC give doesn’t make it really clear what a knoll is and what they indicate as knoll IMO gets lost in the general terrain.

You say that Wing are doing 3 copies for each squadron but what about after that and any revisions. At best I would need to use 15 sheets of A3 and a lot of ink for extras per copy

What a great resource, well done, there’s a lot of hard work in there!

I made them. You can play card games like pairs and snap with them. Makes it a bit more fun.

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Also I have rank flash cards. Although the ones I found have RAF ranks on them and can I only really use the ones that we use in the ATC up to Air Commodore.

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Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: We are getting them printed back to back A4 and putting them in plastic wallets. This means that when a change occurs I will only need to print the amended pages and post it out to the units via WHQ.

I’ll make the change, thanks :slight_smile:

One of the larger modules, Airmanship, is now finished! You can find everything so far here:


I have also now completed the RAF Module! You can find it here:

Any feedback would be welcome :slight_smile:

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History of Flight is also finished:

The session instructions (under instructor notes in each module) provide lots of ideas for extra tasks the cadets can complete to make their training a bit more interesting.

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