First Class Logbook Answers Help

Does anyone know where the answers are to the first class logbooks? I’ve tried trawling through everything I can find on bader and SharePoint but if I can find something it’s only for one section (which isn’t gonna get us very far) or it’s completely out of date and is for an older version of the logbook… Does anyone know where I can find a full set of answers for the Logbooks?

It used to be on the training hub next to the logbook! But I’ve just had a look and it is no longer there…

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Logbook answers are included in each individual subject page under the resources folders. IET answers for example are in the Guidance sub folder for IET. For Flying Ops it’s included at the end of the Delivery Guide. See attached note from HQ.


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A question to ask is if first class log books still need to be completed. They were meant to provide evidence for the BTEC but as that’s now defunct do we still need to complete them?

Will it still be defunct when those cadets currently completing them are master air cadets though?

(Highly likely yes, admittedly, but I’m not certain enough to take the risk.)

Well yes (I believe) as because one of the reasons the Btec went defunct or “paused” was because the first class assessment was not fit for purpose.

Btec topic is here…

We’re quite lucky up here, our cadets can gain SQA qualifications equivalent to those that’d they’d get through School for First Class and Leading, with Senior and master in the pipeline

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