First camp coming up. What to take

Hi there. Thanks for allowing me to join.

I’m after advice on what to take, equipment and clothing wise for a week long camp for someone that is within their first year as a cadet.


Welcome! First off we need to know what sort of camp is it?
Week at a RAF Station? Week at a campsite? Week of Adventure Training?

Thanks for replying. It’s a week long camp at RAF Odiham.

Unfortunately we haven’t had that much information bought home. I’d like to know what to take in advance to try and spread the cost of new equipment etc.

My Sqn did a summer camp at Odiham a few years ago, the Kit List was:


  • Working blue shirts x 2
  • Jumper
  • Brassard
  • Trousers to be worn by both male and female cadets. Skirts are inappropriate for the camp programme and living in tents.
  • Blue Belt to be brought by all cadets. Stable belts may be worn
  • Black socks
  • Foul weather jacket. NO GPJs
  • Beret
  • Ranks slides
  • Black shoes
  • DPM / MTP trousers x 2
  • DPM / MTP Jacket
  • DPM / MTP Shirt x 2
  • Green / brown T-Shirt x 3
  • Socks (ideally olive green or black)
  • Hi-leg boots
  • Trouser twists
  • DPM / MTP Waterproofs (if you have them)
  • Shoe cleaning kit
  • Sports kit
  • Swimming costume (no bikinis or long shorts)
  • Towel
  • Underclothes (as required)
  • Casual clothing for evening wear
  • Waterproof coat (for outdoor exercises, where uniform is not appropriate)
  • Toiletries
  • Soap / Shower Gel
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Towel(s)
  • Shaving kit / Shaver
  • Sanitary products for ladies
  • Torch, Check batteries
  • Pocket money (for trips out / drinks and snacks in the evenings)
  • Watch
  • Small notebook and pen
  • Camera (optional)
  • Sunglasses
  • Pack of cards (optional)
  • Water bottle (at least 1 litre bottle – not a fizzy drink bottle!)
  • Small padlock with spare keys (for locker if provided)
  • Hangers for your kit (approx. 6)
  • Lockable suitcase / holdall for all of the above
  • Rucksack / day sack for trips and walks
  • Gloves
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Plasters / blister plasters
  • Triangular bandage
  • Personal medication
  • Sterile wound dressing
  • Lip salve
  • Sun block / lotion (high factor)
  • Insect repellent
  • Any prescribed medication that you will require for the duration of camp
  • Knives of any description

With the possible exception of a second set of MTP shirts/trousers, I wouldn’t expect you to need any new kit.

I guess a good size holdall/suitcase if you don’t have one.


You did that there not been much info - have joining instructions / a kit list been issued?

The staff running the event should have made such info very clear.

I wouldn’t stress too much.

I would expect working blues including a spare shirt , greens, possibly wedgewood shirt. Parade shoes, combat boots, possibly a sleeping bag or a bag liner, unless you’ve got bedding being provided.
Personal toiletries. Phone charger, a power bank. Small torch. Pack of playing cards. SMALL pencil case - couple of pens, couple of pencils, SMALL notebook.
Swimming costume - if any water activities taking place!
Sliders / sandals for walking near pools / wash blocks.
SMALL personal first aid kit
Personal medication - with TG forms as required - anything important - have a spare, with your name on and instructing for use / dosage!!!
Comfortable Civvy clothing - no offensive slogans / logos
Shoe / boot polishing kit.

And IF you are required to take blues - take one coat hanger - for just in case!

Sun cream, wide brimmed hat & sunglasses

Small rucksack / day bag.

A labelled, large bin bag to act as a laundry bag!

And make sure all your items are clearly labelled!

And - above all - don’t take anything, that you can’t keep with you at all times / that is of great sentimental value…! Favourite teddy bear : mascots are prime targets for “kidnap!”

Anything “exotic” such as webbing / bashas/ tents etc - should be either provided - or - there should be PLENTY of warning so you can borrow from your sqn stores

Oh - and if you’re a light sleeper take ear plugs!

Oh - and have a great time!!!

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You should get Joining Instructions, or at the very minimum a kit list. Ask your staff if there is any.

Worth speaking to your cadet NCOs too to see if they have any tips.

Thank you all so much. This is really a great help. We have almost everything mentioned.

I so pleased to have found this forum. I can see that all the shared experiences will be of great value going forward.


Or look in Cadet Portal - that’s where I would put it.

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That’s a good idea. Thanks

Most of the time the joining instructions will have a kit list, however they often miss a few things I would always bring:

  • swim kit for showers (just incase they’re communal)
  • hangers for all your kit (especially if you have blues)
  • some form of foot spray or powder.
  • sweets.

RAF Odiham cadet camps are normally in tents.

Just bare that in mind before you go, may be worth packing some fllip flops as the showers and toilets are a bit of a walk.


+1 for Flip flops, and not just for travel to and from the shower.

How can you get properly clean if you’re wearing swim kit? Arguably the most important area to keep clean is the bit that would be covered.


Crocs are truly the way forward though.

It really isn’t that difficult, easier than trying to shower in underwear too - most places have cubicles anyways but I would still bring them (incase a fire drill or something occurs whilst showering, or of some cadet decides it would be funny to shout fire fire fire in the showers)

If you are happy letting your dignity leak out of the holes.


You can wear socks to keep all the dignity in :wink:

Communal showers are not acceptable under current safeguarding rules so if that is the plan, your staff should have cancelled the camp…

Just be aware that recently Odiham camps have recommended to staff that cadets wear greens only. As camp Comdt I ignored that recommendation but others may follow it. (In my experience cadets were fine in blues and we designated an area for ironing.: