Fieldcraft policy update - Dec 2018


They would not be very useful for fieldcraft. I know it sounds like a good plan, but those rifles are quite fragile and would break after a couple of outings. They are £35 for a reason. For rifle drill on the other hand, they work.

If you want to do fieldcraft on a parade night with rifles and have no DPs, why not make friends with your local ACF, go over there and get some joint training in.

I don’t see the problem with using the same weapons for both blank and live firing. What do you think everyone else does?


Me in the 1990’s


JLs are often identifiable in civies as well…


Oh. I see that AlexCorbin pretty much got there before me, with a less cryptic version of the same thing.


Once fell out with a JL who told me he was more superior than me cause he had been on the course…i was an adult Sgt at the time…


I’ve had a couple of fallings out with JL’s. Mainly over superiority complexes and the shape of their berets…


Tell them to confirm to the correct dress regs.
If they refuse or give any other nonsense then excluded from activity as per PI501.

But surely that’s worst case?

Then again having the displeasure of a few in my time maybe not.


Let’s not get into JL bashing please


New thread? :joy:


Back to topic.
My wing FTO is sending a books worth of questions off up the chain reference the new ACFTI 1.

clarifications mostly.


What’s to clarify… seems pretty clear…


Having a conversation with my WFO his biggest concern is there isnt enough spaces to cover every wing on the train the trainer course. I know it will cover every region but theres a risk of it not being rolled out fully


Is he not counting those previously trained in Bader the old system?


Who becomes an FCI(T)
that’s not clear.

Is it ECOs or only ECO(T)s or no one automatically


There is a fair bit that needs clarifying about the new policy so no surprises there.

I suspect it will fall on deaf ears and we’ll wait a long time for any sensible updates.

Blockquote Is it ECOs or only ECO(T)s or no one automatically

My understanding is that it is all those who held the ECO T3 or ECO qualification. To quote:

CFAVs trained by ‘ECO’ Trainers under the old arrangements and are still current will become FCI(T)s.


It really, really isn’t!

As posted above, the biggest questions are regarding this new ‘FCI’ status and how it relates to extant AFIs and ECOs.


This is perhaps the most clear cut part of the policy…

Any CFAV who had previously completed the Train the Trainer FECO course at ATF or been trained by one of these and subsequently was an authorised FECO becomes an Fieldcraft Instructor Trainer (FCI(T))

I’m really struggling to see the confusion.


What’s “current”?


Based on Cadet Training Ranges - 2018 which covers FT in a B&P environment current is defined as;

Current. To be deemed current to plan, conduct or supervise, an individual must have proven their understanding and ability to apply the most up to date regulations within the last 3 years. Any individual must also have passed the appropriate WHT, within six months of the completion of the practice/exercise they are participating in.

This is the only definition of current I’m aware of, perhaps we are looking for someone who has been part of an FT Ex within the past 12 months.

All depends how restrictive you want to be, some discretion perhaps for Wg FCOs


Let’s not have local discretion shall we…

You are either current and safe or not current and unsafe.

This is exactly what is wrong with this organisation. Not enough effort to provide specifics. Give us an accurate rule book please!


I think this is largely down to the people who write this policy not delivering a fat lot of fieldcraft and not listening to the feedback of those who do have a hand in delivery.