Fieldcraft policy update - Dec 2018


Recognition flashes are meant to be in non-tactical colours, otherwise they cannot be recognised!
That’s what makes the cadet one so stupid, it’s subdued!


FT Progressive Badges.pdf (105.3 KB)

Badge suggestion.


Not a fan on the badge idea tbh, there’s no need imo. However, a proper syllabus with clear progression is an excellent idea - i’ve previously done fieldcraft and have no idea how far into the syllabus i’ve got and how to do the rest.


I’m not a fan of the badges either, there are still plenty of units out there with our own badges on that blanking plate.


PTS badges for FT, or just PTS badges in general?


Just suggesting it could be a good conduit or source for information on future plans. I’d heard talk of a progressive syllabus (possibly akin to, but not part of PTS) being considered to standardise training levels.

I agree with a badging system - there’s currently no easy way of identitying prior experience and courses attended.

Tut tut :wink:
That aside, why not allow cadets to display their progress to other cadets and DS?


PTS badges for FT (and to an extent some of the existing PTS badges). By all means have a blue bronze silver & gold style syllabus however I don’t see the need to show off progress in everything. The things we do want to show off should be kept for blues; that would be consistant with every other current badge.


Not really; we have one extant fieldcraft-related course that earns a badge, and it has one that’s worn on greens.


Fair point, I stand corrected!


Very true but it is a specialist course. JLs are also identifiable in No 2. I think the amount of badges we have is more than sufficient.


The argument would be that the leadership aspect of the course validates the lanyard for recognition when in blues.

However, we have no way of seeing fieldcraft progression when actually doing fieldcraft.


Surely the Gold Leadership Badges that they get validates the leadership elements of the course?


They also normally like to tell you they are JL also


Bearing in mind that’s a recent addition, but aside from that I haven’t seen that the gold standard has been finalised and know that there are discussions to potentially open up gold to other (new) courses.


I like it. I might be tempted to push cam and concealment and why things are seen into blue, then there could be consolidated training between blue and bronze (before going into movement drills). Overall though, cracking piece of work



I thought about it, but my reasons were as follows:

  • Keeping the blue as short as possible
  • The blue I wanted to be easily deliverable on squadron parade nights - whilst you can teach WTAS by PowerPoint it’s far better delivered outdoors where you can really demonstrate the principles. Similarly, cam and concealment really needs practical experience to bring it to life, which doesn’t really work in the classroom.


To me, blue would be mandatory pre deployment training. A “Pre FT”, if you like.


Take the idea to Wg Cdr Training. He effing loves badges.


That makes sense. I am lucky to have some outside space within our site.
The Blue level you suggest fits in well with first class IET and indeed pre uniform training


Only if they’re not on the mates list of countries and companies, I’d assume.