Fieldcraft policy update - Dec 2018


You can be current and unsafe just as you can be not current but safe.

Providing specifics means that those writitng policy can be held to account at a later date if it all goes wrong, so ‘wriggle room is a standard’.


Ah, but if you are not current then you are, by definition, not safe!


The entire point of currency is that if you’re not current, you’re assumed not to be safe.


Come on people…semantics… really!


How about a mix of sticks and rifle… :joy:


Never mind pointed sticks, I think everyone’s ignoring the elephant in the room - what to do when someone attacks you armed with a piece of fresh fruit - I seem to remember that
loganberries are particularly nasty!


Do logan berries develop sharp claws when they get angry.


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In fairness, @Brooke_Bond said “like”, not “love”.

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The only approved load carrying equipment (LCE) in the RAFAC is the ACF-specified Cadet Tactical Vest and the Cadet Patrol Pack. These are not issued but may be sourced by individuals, Regions or Wgs as long as they conform to the pattern listed in Reference A. To facilitate training where the appropriate LCE is not available (or not appropriate following a risk assessment), a correctly fitted belt kit with a maximum of two ammunition pouches and one water bottle pouch may be worn.

Since these vests are expensive and as rare as Unicorn doodoo how are we expected to do anything more than 100 yds from CP. Can’t even make the staff a brew to keep them happy :laughing:


I hadn’t spotted the (possibly unintentional) subtlety in that - I realised that webbing was limited (fairly reasonable, although I can’t see why one utility, one ammunition and one water bottle pouch wouldn’t be suitable) but technically this also forbids the use of daysacks.


They’re about £30 a pop and available in quite a few places.

This point has been raised quite a bit. I’m working on the basis that this is referring to load carrying and not a Cadet carrying a small daysack with waterproofs, water and a jumper in it. It’s part of the policy that has been asked for clarity by quite a few people so far. I suspect we’re not finished with revisions just yet.

One ammo = enough ammo for most blank exercises, one utility = cleaning kit for rifle, one water = hydration.


That is rubbish. How on earth did a poorly designed vest load carrying system get approved above purpose designed webbing?

Also, isn’t PLCE one of the lessons?


Great, so only about a grand to replace the squadron webbing stock (and I presume at least the same to replace the daysacks)


Is it yet another scam from cadet direct…?


What’s wrong with a bag for life? At least they last longer than the cadet vest. And they are only £1.


And they are replaced free of charge once broken! :+1:


Probably someone had shares in cadet kit shop who supplied it originally. The problem is when these things get trialed, they just get issued to cadets and then someone asks the commandant or similar how good the item is. Since they aren’t told how crap they are, they reply “fine”. No one speaks to those who have to use them .

Even we knew it was rubbish, so ACF cadets are allowed to use webbing. Also, the cadet patrol pack is ok for overnight but not really suitable for a long FTX. These items are really aimed at small junior cadets. The only advantage to the cadet vest is there is no setup to do. I issue them to new cadets rather than webbing, because if it goes missing I don’t really care. The older cadets who have earned my trust get the nice webbing.