Fieldcraft essentials,techniques and tips

hhi i am making a list of tips and essential for fieldcraft and thought it would be a good idea to ask on here . so any tips,techniques or essentials no matter how obscure would be really helpful thanks
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If I had to offer just one tip, it would be:

Wear clothes appropriate to the weather. Nothing saps morale more than being physically uncomfortable (not to memtion the risk of heat and cold injuries).


Get yourself a copy of:

Army Code No. 71966 - Cadet Training Fieldcraft and Tactics.

It will tell you all you need to know and is available on Sharepoint.

There’s loads of TopTips here too…


Without branching too much into the syllabus stuff and the manual (which wouldn’t count as “tips” anyway and should only be delivered by FCIs), my abbreviated tips are:

  • If you pack it you have to carry it - do you really need it?
  • e.g. you don’t need a full KFS, 2l water bottle, pillow, teddy, spare spam, full sized toothbrush/toothpaste/whatever, baking tray, trangia, jetboil, umbrella, GPS, full size mag lite from 1995, ghillie suit, or that 10" machete you secretly got from your cousin
  • On the topic of knives, the most you will likely need to cut is some string, so stick with a small one - anything improper WILL be confiscated.
  • You don’t need that can of fancy deodorant either - you will sweat, so will everyone else, and it’s a good thing. Washing is enough.
  • Learn - and use - the layer system
  • Don’t break the wet/dry routine
  • Waterproof bag everything absorbent or water-damageable, then waterproof bag that.
  • When it comes to putting on wet kit or warm kit, any fool can be uncomfortable - if you need it, get it on
  • Waterproof = windproof, windproof = warm

That’s all quality of life stuff, but the most important I have is “listen to your instructors and put 100% genuine effort into applying what they tell you”. You will learn more and enjoy it more as you will sleep better, cam better, sneak better… etc.


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Thanks for all the replies it was for some new recruits as part of a booklet we are making for for them :+1:


Let me add one then:

Smocks are not waterproof


Here’s a few:

  • pack everything in a waterproof bag, and put a bag liner (a heavy duty black sack will do fine) in your daysack
  • it is fine to use civvie base layers & waterproofs if you don’t have issued/military kit
  • if you are going to pack just one ‘comfort’ item, make it a spare pair of socks

And believe it or not, applying moisturiser at the start of the day will make it much easier to wash off cam cream later!


It’s not just fine, but I’d go as far as recommending it! If you’re going to be out during any of the cold months getting a nice thermal base layer to put under uniform is a game changer!

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Indeed, you don’t need to buy new stuff, use what you have. The base layers from places like Sports Direct and Mountain Warehouse are perfectly fine for our purposes and can be used for sports and AT too. Just go for black not a bright colour.


The amount of times I’ve been on a training day/exercise…

“I’ve not brought waterproofs/warm layer/bergan…as they aren’t military coloured.”

it’s an exercise, not a formal parade… Get a warm layer on…


The best way to remove cam cream is soap and hot water. Not wet wipes.


Very dissapointed no one has said ‘Allyness saves lives.’

Key things with fieldcraft are:

Don’t be lazy, get up, get your kit sorted and yourself sorted properly.
Always waterproof everything.
Look after your feet.
You need more oil on your weapon system than you think you do.

My top tip: NEVER go full Gary.

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