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Welp. As expected.

I think the SC restart could be just as bad! Lots of cars going very slowly getting cold tyres…

Yeah, all those on cold hard tyres could be interesting.

Reckon Max is gonna get a penalty for T1?

Honestly not sure, it looked bad on his part, but the whole pack was a mess because of the crap grip. Plus they seem to make very unpredictable decisions regarding penalties, so who knows!

For all of the teething issues, that was a pretty decent race.
And a epic move from Charles on the last lap!

Have the BBC told Leclerc he is French?

One of the better races of the year.


I fell back to sleep and only just woke up again :rofl::rofl:

Last quali of the season, Max looking a bit off the pace in FP3. Fingers crossed for something exciting!


Should be good! I’ve just got back from shopping, so have lots of bread cheese and salamis to get me through quali :smiley:

Got to have some decent Quali snacks!

Oof. George knocking Lewis out. :grimacing:

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Yep, George has been the better driver so far this weekend.

So, I ranked 1042nd over all at the end of the season! Not bad given there are 2.4M teams. :smiley:

Also sad it only says top 1%, as I think by my calculation that is top 0.05%!


I didn’t do quite so well, but then I did also did what I usually do and forget about it.

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I’d have liked to have seen Max go up against Michael.

What a race that would be!!

Would both end up in the wall.

So it’s a CBE for Christian Horner in the New Years Honours.