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So over November/December it was suggested I watched S1 & S2 of Drive to Survive on Netflix. It didn’t take long and was very binge worthy.

Safe to say I’m now hooked on F1 for the first time in my life.

As a young child I’d sit and watch the first lap in hope of some accident before getting board and playing with my toys.

This year had the wait for S3 of Drive to Survive and then the first race. Then another painful 3 weeks for race 2.

Much shorter gap this time ( :pray: ) and a double header no less. I’m yet to miss a minute of the seasons, although have to watch Fridays session on repeat due to work :rage:

Looking forward to the double header now.

I’m a bit of a Lando / Russell fan (plucky young Brit) but would like to see AM do well to help the share price !


Never watched Drive to Survive so I’ll take a look. Been an F1 fan for a long time, I do like Russell, he’s showing a lot of promise and as soon as he gets in a decent car he stands a good chance of being up there with Max and Lewis.

DtS is a little sensational, but it’s bringing more viewers into F1, so no arguments.

Been an F1 fan for a good while, usually a source of derision for many!

Lando is definitely a future champion.

Been a fan for ages and know a lot of people who after watching drive to survive are hooked.

Really enjoyed how honest people are on it. Especially Bottas.

I used to be a big fan back late nighties early 2000s. I was a huge mika haikonnen fan but I got bored of it when the vettel/hamilton show started

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I followed it for a bit for Jenson Button, and otherwise would have it “just on” because there was little else, but then…


Many years ago I was much more interested in BTCC and WRC.

I only ever paid proper attention to first few laps and last few of F1 though and just check progress in between.

I saw ‘F1 chat’ and I got all excited to talk about accessing help files with the stroke of a key…



It’s f2 if you use JDA/Blue Yonder software… The confusion at times.

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Actually, Kimi Raikkonen’s return was fun for a bit too.

Mika was my mum’s favourite back in the day when she wasn’t fawning over Coulthard’s chin.

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Hoping to see a pile up?

So much easier to enjoy disaster with how safe the cars are these days.

Even if the start goes well, you get a few laps of decent jostling before it before becomes too strategic in terms of when to pit.

Seeing grojean casually stroll out of a fireball was impressive


Now we’re onto my sport!
I know two ex cadets who have worked with F1 teams and a new client I was talking to recently works with Aston Martin F1 (apparently big daddy Stroll is really flashing the cash there!).

I’m intrigued by the new sprint qualifying that they’re rolling out, hopefully it will shuffle things round a bit.

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I’m not sure how much it will, because you’ve still got to qualify to get the grid for that race…

How he survived that is amazing.

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I did see that. Even relatively recently that could have gone so differently.

Even lower classes are pretty good. I remember a few years ago that young female driver flying off the track - less unscathed, but geez that was a bit nuts.

Considering Bianchi was the first F1 (championship race) fatality since Senna, and in the 70s you were counting at least one per year, racing is so much safer these days.

Which makes me feel far less guilty waiting to see a prang or two - although you can still tell a bad one that needs a different reaction.

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Marzi-spin is going to have a accident this year he is a major accident waiting to happen.

Quiet enjoying the fight between McLaren, Ferrari, Aston, and Alpha Tauri.

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Grosjean Jr :grimacing:

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I read DtS and immediately thought “DicktheStick”! Wonder if he’s still lurking :grinning:

Big fan of F1, thankfully we have quite a few sports channels on board so I should be able to watch most of the races. Looking forward to see if McLaren can battle Ferrari for that third position again.


My Portuguese takeaways

  • Finally seeing Lewis’ driver talent now that the Red Bull can challenge
  • Norris is the best of the rest, has been Top 5 all 3 races, but relies on mistakes from Merc/Red Bull to finish above them (Car)
  • Depending on where Russell goes in 2021 and notwithstanding any crazy constructor swings, 2021 has potential for an all British podium
  • Coverage is too focused on Ham v Ver even when there’s 5s between the cars, show us the midfield battles!