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RB seem to be struggling a bit in practice today, fingers crossed this carries on tomorrow and Sunday.

Might actually have a race this weekend.

Well…… that was a good quali session

Looking forward to see the final positions after the investigations. Hopefully Max gets a few penalties

Could be a fun Q3 now

Fantastic drive by Sainz, especially deliberately giving Norris DRS!

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I’m away so missed most of the race. Just caught the last lap on my phone!

Last few laps with the Mercs on new tyres Carlos was deliberately slowing down just enough to give Lando DRS so that he could defend.

I didn’t get to see that, I just saw George into the wall :frowning::frowning:

Pushing a bit too hard into that corner, clipped the wall and it was game over.

Was excellent work! Dragging him along to help him defend the Mercs.

As much as I would have loved to have seen three brits on the podium I’m just pleased Red Bull were nowhere near.

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At least we can stop this red bull win all season rubbish

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