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This is what I want the race build up to be, not an hour of mostly pre-recorded content then 20 min in the grid. Just do the whole thing

Drone show doing a countdown in the sky, very nice!

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Nice start from Alonso,
Shame about that penalty, can’t really argue it tho.

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Welp, Stroll is out then!

Indeed he is.
Odd decision to throw a full SC, lance pretty much drove it into the escape road.

Has handed this race to Max now, unless Perez can put up a fight.

Yeah, really bizarre! I can’t think of a much safer place he could have stopped, other than in the pit :rofl:

Apparently the edge of his rear wing was sticking out.

I suppose it’s better than the time they let the cars carry on whilst a bloody crane was on the track in heavy rain… Better to be safer than sorry in this sport.

This is true


Alonso has lost his podium finish. 10s penalty because the jack touched the car when taking his penalty!!

Up the mercs!

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Bet that jack man is getting some stick this evening.

Getting as much stick as that band that did the national anthem!

FIA seem to be paying the Hokey Cokey today, they’ve just reversed the penalty.

Alonso back in P3

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Yo yo…

Alonso is still awesome.


That’s ridiculous, make a decision and stick to it.